Kerm is a...?
 16%  [ 5 ]
 6%  [ 2 ]
 10%  [ 3 ]
 10%  [ 3 ]
 10%  [ 3 ]
 6%  [ 2 ]
 26%  [ 8 ]
 13%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 30

If you had to pick which species Kerm most resembled, which one would it be? Consider physical appearance, personality, and furriness when voting.


Discuss below.
I would say a doofy-haired Bigfoot, but given the poll options above, I decided to go with husky. They're pretty great.


Just so nobody has to look up what any of the animals are, here are the first images I got for each one through Google Images:









Based on those images, I would say that Kerm most resembles a squid.
Kerm haaaaaas to be a squid. It's just, like A certainty Razz
blobfish give me nightmares...
It has to be somewhat close to Blub >(v')

The question, though, is what fish species Blub is?

How do some of you not see the resemblance?
My vote goes to Kakapo as well, I think it fits best. (insert Always Sunny reference here)
I think an in situ drawing of a blobfish is more representative.
Just replace the O with a U, in blobfish, and we have our answer, DJ!

Kerm is a blo/ubfish!
If there was an option for prairie dog...

Kakopo is winning; however, I totally would have voted prairie dog.
No! Kakapo cannot be winning. Kerm is obviously a squid. Two other people agree with me, based on the poll. Therefore, I must be right. Because, as it always has been, 3>6 (Samsung's logic with the whole 6>6 thing).
Eeems was pretty on point with the giraffe, but I had to vote coelacanth.
CharlesSprinkle wrote:
If there was an option for prairie dog...[image redacted]
Charles wins many excellent points for this skillful photograph of me in the wild. I agree that Eeems has a very good point about the characteristics that I share with giraffes, though.
Giraffe is a poor match, as it only hits against physical appearance. It doesn't match against furriness nor personality.

Human. Definitely the closest, haha Wink

Edit: But I really like the prairie dog version!
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