Today, I was joined by KermMartian, Jonimus, and qazz42 for some Unreal Tournament. I finally figured out how to record my screen, so here y'all go!
Just another day at the office...
Spazite wrote:
Just another day at the office...
Spaz! You gotta join us someday; the Cemetech folks are active a bit earlier in the day (~ 9pm Eastern? something like that) than I usually see you online, but eventually planets will align and we'll get some others for some good ol' fragging.
whoa man, thats incredible, especially at ?t=305, headshot, overkill, double kill, and keeping all HP all at once

The unreg at 1:19 in the first video was ridiculous. The hitreg at 1:19 in the second video was spot-on.

I do better against harder bots. 2x Masterful in this match.

I think I've peaked. It's all downhill from here~
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