I am creating a screensaver program for the TI-84+CSE, and I don't know if I should be using AppVars for BGPics because they could get deleted and they take up around 4820 bytes each and there are 2. But here is the original picture that I am using and a screenshot. The program is actually very smooth and does not pause the way the emulator shows it. I will edit this post later with a video of the actual calculator:

Oh, that actually looks pretty nice Smile I don't know how you could do the same thing without Background Pic AppVars
Thanks! I used SetGRAMOffset (TI-OS Values) and a For( loop inside of a While 1 loop, and it was pretty easy to get. However, I still need to add checking for a keypress. What should I check for? Should I just wait for anything to be pressed because it is a screensaver, or just Clear or something. I want to be able to use left or right to change the direction the image is moving.
I would check for Clear, Enter or 2nd. Changing directions probably won't be to hard, you just need to change the SetGRAMOffset by a negative instead of a positive.
I agree with the directions. I will use If K=[left]:1->A and If K=[right]:~1->A. Would it be faster to use real(2,0,0) to check for keypresses or just use getKey->K?

Does anyone else have opinions on the keypresses that will exit the program?
real(2,0,0 is extremely faster, in most cases. Its not that harder to use, as you just need to use this chart instead of regular the regualr getkey codes:

I agree with unicorn, but you could also do MODE as well.
Since you are using the getkey to just store a value to a var, I'd recommend using real(2,1 to update the uservars, this will save bytes and I believe you might get better speed out of it since you don't have a few extra lines of code
I already know how the keycodes are different with real(2,0,0). What is the difference between getKey and getCSC? Do they just return different values or something?

Edit: I changed my mind. I think the post will be fine with just the screenshot from earlier.
yes, they are different values, I couldn't find a drawing to show you, I might make one later, but basically they are ordered in columns not in rows and columns like getkey

there, found an image on tibasicdev
real(2,0,0 checks for key-presses faster than getkey does, and returns them in different values. Kerm or tr1p1ea could probably elaborate how it checks for it compared to the TI Os's getkey.
Okay. The gif I edited a post with looks kind of bad because I had to convert an mp4 to gif. When I finish you will all see how smooth it is. And I might want to be able to customize it with different images. However, make sure that they are 160x60 because I will split in half for the program to use. Also, I would like it if the end and beginning flowed like mine do.
Bump. I hope I can get working on this again very soon. One thing I was noticing while I tested the program is that if I tapped the On button lightly, instead of the On break, the program kind of momentarily paused the graphics that were being displayed. Is that something that is supposed to happen, or is that some weird side effect of something?
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