Alrighty, so the whole GUI thing has two steps:
1. Drawing routines
2. onMouse, onClick routines

I've been working on the drawing routines. Here's my progress:

   .dw GUIRnull               ;$00         COMPLETE   XY   [erase? {bool}]
   .dw GUIRLargeWin            ;$01         COMPLETE   XY   [5 byte icon, header text]
   .dw GUIRSmallWin            ;$02                     [x,y, 5 byte icon, header text]
   .dw GUIRFullScreenImg         ;$03         COMPLETE   XY   [768 bytes]
   .dw GUIRText               ;$04         COMPLETE   XY   [x,y,font,z.t. text]
   .dw GUIRWinButtons            ;$05         COMPLETE   --   [which {-,[],X,00000}, onclick {word}]
   .dw GUIRWrappedText            ;$06         COMPLETE   XY   [x,y,width,font,z.t. text]
   .dw GUIRButtonText            ;$07                     [x,y,onclick {word}]
   .dw GUIRButtonImg            ;$08                     [x,y,onclick {word}]
   .dw GUIRTextLineIn            ;$09                     [x,y,width,maxchar,data (z.t.)]
   .dw GUIRRadio               ;$0A         COMPLETE   XY   [x,y,group,state {bool},zttext]  1 per group
   .dw GUIRCheckbox            ;$0B         COMPLETE   XY   [x,y,group,state {bool},zttext] ++ per group
   .dw GUIRByteInt               ;$0C                     [x,y,value,min,max]
   .dw GUIRWordInt               ;$0D                     [x,y,value,min,max]
   .dw GUIRHotspot               ;$0E         COMPLETE   XY   [x,y,width,height,ptr]
   .dw GUIRTextMultiline         ;$0F                     [x,y,rows,width,curdatapos (0 to datalength),data]
   .dw GUIRSprite               ;$10         COMPLETE   XY   [x,y,b,data]
   .dw GUIRLargeSprite            ;$11         COMPLETE   XY   [x,y,a,b,data]
   .dw GUIRPassIn               ;$12                     [x,y,width,maxchar,data (z.t.)]
   .dw GUIRScrollVert            ;$13                     [x,y,height,ID,min,max,cur]
   .dw GUIRScrollHoriz            ;$14                     [x,y,width,ID,min,max,cur]
   .dw GUIRBorder               ;$15                     [x,y,width,height]
   .dw GUIRRect               ;$16                     [x,y,width,height,fill]
   .dw GUIRCustom               ;$17         COMPLETE   --   [ptr_to_routine]
That's not open source, is it?!
'tis not. However, that's the vector table in the source, and it has the routine names and parameters, so I figured it would be easiest to just paste that up.
Alright. Some progress, I'm excited. What is it, only -5 months until it is supposed to be released Razz
+7 months actually. 1/1/07 12:00 am is my final deadline.
What is the
Kerm Martian wrote:
.dw GUIRRadio
KermMartian wrote:
+7 months actually. 1/1/07 12:00 am is my final deadline.

Hmm, is this a deadline the KermMartian can meet? Smile

I hope it all goes well for you, at any rate...
@TI-Freak8x: I certainly hope so
@Chipmaster: GUIRRadio = GUI + Render + Radiobutton

Edit: GUIRRect done thanks to help from a routine from Timendus' API.
What is a radiobutton then?

are you serious?

google it...
I was wonering the same thing as you were elfprince.

Radio Buttons are used here in polls
Sorry, I've never heard the term before and I thought it was specific to DCS or else I would have googled it. I'm still having trouble understanding exactly what it is after looking through the pages that google returned. Can someone point me to a page that explains it well, or give me a brief explanation?

Edit: The best explanation I could find was this:
A graphic component that simulates the buttons on a real-life car radio. Each button represents a mutually exclusive selection. RadioButtons are typically used for setting states or modes.
But, that doesn't really give an example. Could someone please give me an example of a radio button (or where exactly in the poll it is being used). I'm trying not to be a n00b and ask for help were it isn't needed, but I did my research and I am still puzzled, therefore I think I am entitled to ask for help.
The circles and a dot where you can only select one dot at a time.
Oh! That's what they are. Thanks jpez, I always thought those were called option buttons (at least that's what vb calls them).
well VB is screwed up.
it is screwed up, and that is why I stopped using it
same. I pwn at VB, but I dont use it anymore, since Java and Python can do a lot more, and will work on any comp.
Well, it's the only computer language I can take at my school. Next year, they offer java. I can't wait. Cool
Currently I'm working on the routine for vertical scrollbar rendering. Who wants screenshots?
Screenshots? Programs... Smile
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