It's documented in the readme. {41,8} will set the 2nd cursor (follow it with command {12} to actually turn the cursor on). {41,4+16} will produce the alpha insert cursor. Setting cursor flags will persist. For example, if you set shiftKeepAlph and shiftAlpha (e.g. {41,16+128}) and then use Input or Prompt, the user will only be able to enter letters. If you quit the program with shiftKeepAlph set, you won't be able to do any math on the homescreen (press MODE to fix). Basically, the SetCursor function actually makes the calculator think the user pressed 2nd and/or alpha.

If you just want to DISPLAY the cursor without flashing, you can use command 18, PutC, with character codes 224-231.
DrDnar wrote:
Later today, I'll post an update with a few new functions. They are: GetColors (returns both FG and BG colors), SetColor, NumToStr (does what it says), GetQuote (returns a string with the " character), and GetStore (returns a string of the -> character). I just need to find _FormReal/_FormEReal to make the string. Also, I don't know if it's documented how to make a temporary variable, and there's no pTempCnt equate in the CE include file, and, well, I'm kind of guessing about how to manage pTempCnt.

There is the _CreateTStrng (aka _CreateTempString) call for creating temporary strings. Also, the locations are as follows:

pTempCnt      equ 0D02596h
_FormEReal      equ 0020DACh
_FormReal      equ 0020DB8h

Hope this helps; I should really get around to updating the include file.
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