Another month has passed, and with it, progress to projects that you all awesomely posted to our forum! Sadly, life has been a bit hectic for me, and trying to work on this with no energy just isn't possible. But what better day to release this list of amazing projects than on the 4th of July?

  • Calculate Pi: JWinslow has released some updated code this past month on his project as he continues ever on for his quest for the perfect calculator program to calculate his Pi. He has built a set of arbitrary-precision arithmetic routines in TI-BASIC, possibly one of the first TI-BASIC attempts at the same.

  • ColorZ: This "4x4-pixel" game by unknownloner was originally for the PC, but he ported to the CSE. It has been released to the world, and you can now download it for your own calculator! Check out the topic for a link to the files.

  • Isometry: An assembly experiment by unknownloner to test isometric sprite rendering on the CSE. The screenshots are impressive to see, so go poke unknown to get him working more on this and expand it into a full game.

  • xLIBC Conway's Game of Life: M.I. Wright has created a version of the classic Game of Life program utilizing xLIBC. Although it's on the slow side, it's nonetheless cool to see an implementation in Hybrid BASIC.

  • Reflex: A project by gaventemples31415, this is a game of speed vs the CPU of your calculator.

  • Escheron:Twilight over Ragnoth: Iambian and geekboy continue to wow and impress with their work on this RPG. Many screenshot shenanigans were had with this, check out the work on this great project and leave them some encouragement! They have been pushing to get a beta out as soon as possible, so with an equal mix of encouragement and patience, we hope we can provide the motivation they need to push past their current implementation snafus.

  • PianoCSE: Ivoah has ported the well-known Piano83 to the CSE, with permission from the original author. Check out the thread for more information and a download link; if you ever wanted to play a piano with headphones connected to your calculator, this program is for you.

  • Calcuzap: Patrick Davidson has released an update to his popular space shooter game, giving it triple cannon abilities. He also has provided a port of the game to the brand-new TI-84 Plus CE. We recently features Patrick Davidson's TI-84+CSE/TI-84+CE games Calcuzap and CMonster in our review of new TI-84+CE assembly games.

  • BasicNote: Michael2_3B has made some progress with his TI-84 Plus document viewer and editor. The screenshot in the topic shows some good progress with naming and deleting files. In addition, PT_ is working on a TI-84+CSE port of the program, called ColorNote. Check out the thread for more information on BasicNote.

  • SPI Drivers: A bit of a hardware/software project combo by Ivoah. He is creating a library to use to control LEDs with a TI-84+/SE/CSE, along the way creating a general SPI library that can be used to control any SPI hardware over the calculator's link port. Check out the thread for more details, photos, and source code.

  • Graph3DC: KermMartian has been making a great deal of progress with this project, it's just mind blowing what he's gotten accomplished! The list of features and awesomeness gets longer with each passing day, so make sure you bounce into the topic and check out his work! There are rumors that a beta is in the works within the next week or two, so watch that topic if this interests you!

Thanks again for all your work, guys and gals, and for choosing Cemetech to post your projects to. We all look forward to your future work and being able to use/play your projects! Until next month..
Once again, great job tifreak, and great job to all of you Smile Like I've said, I'm hoping to start a new project soon, after finishing the initial release of BasicNote. I'm thinking about porting this game to monochrome, maybe Very Happy
You should absolutely port that game, Michael, although I still think we need ports of Google's Pony Express game. I'm glad to hear that you're reaching the end of the road on BasicNote, and I'm sure it will be a big hit. Congratulations to everyone on their progress this month in spite of summer and its associated time commitments. A big thanks also goes to tifreak for putting this monthly article together in a timely manner when I know he has negative free time (and even less sleep every day).
Yay! I got two projects featured!
Ivoah wrote:
Yay! I got two projects featured!
Congratulations for being sufficiently productive (and posting about those projects) that we were able to feature two of your projects! And of course, keep up the good work so we'll have progress on those projects to post in future months.
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