This is my first official game I'm releasing to the public, so enjoy!

This game is basically just one of those games where you have to press a button faster than the CPU. Easy, right? Just try the Insane Mode! Get 5 points and you win, but if the CPU gets five points, you're out!

Here's a link!
Will post screenshots probably tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, directions!
--You are the happy face. You have to make the sad face happy before he makes you sad.
--On the home screen, press 2nd to select, and use the arrow keys to select an option.
--When the screen says "Ready," press any key to start that round.
--When the screen says "Get ready to draw," DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING OR YOU LOSE THAT ROUND! Or press clear if you waant to quit.
--Simple enough!

EDIT: And by the way, this is the source file, not the compiled program!!
So, whatever happened to screenshots?

You should also totally post this up to the Cemetech archives!
sounds like fun, but the download link doesn't work.
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