I've been trying to learn soon xLIBC lately and really have been having trouble. I really don't understand how you actually make custom sprites. I thought they were in appvars but how do you actually make an appvar? Is it an image that you make on the computer and then format or something? I really don't understand. I thought I had some other questions, but now I can't remember then Sad
EDIT: Never mind, I think I can do det(4) to make it, sorry about this. I would like to keep the thread though, for later questions. Also would the syntax be to make an appvar named "BOB"?
:"Appvar stuff here" -> Str9
EDIT: (I hope this isn't too many edits) I seem to have used the create AppVar thing right since it created a program ( I realize the code I posted above is wrong) but how do I make it create an AppVar instead of just a program? Sorry if all these edits seem like spam
To make an appvar with the name "bob", you would use "rowswap(bob", where rowswap( is in the matrix section or catalog.

Don't worry about spamming, edits are fine as long as they contain new, usefull information. Edits for spelling and such are okay, but are usually avoidable.
You're on the right track! To make an appvar named "Bob" containing "test", you'd do this:


"rowSwap(BOB->Str0 //make sure you don't close the parenthesis

However, Celtic can't make xLIBC spritemaps. You'll have to use a computer for that-- specifically the sprite editor in merthsoft's TokenIDE.
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