Well, I just acquired a Macintosh PowerBook 190cs. It seems like the place where the power cord is plugged in is not connected well enough. When wiggling the connection around, the screen occasionally flashes yellow.

Anyways, I was thinking, could this be fixed? I'm going to open it up and take some pictures tomorrow.

So, yeah, It might be cool to have around. Very Happy

I took it apart and took some pictures, and it seems the battery was corroded and the screen leaked some sort of fluid.

Imgur album here: http://m.imgur.com/0Hjn8Dh,4g0kxgq,5Bgt6by,w96VqVL,gFCr0Fh,x1gKlww,yQxXISt

Individual pics here:


I wasn't the gentlest Razz

Well, even if you did fix it, there wouldn't be much you could do with it. It doesn't even have a PowerPC processor, so no linux, and the latest Mac OS it can run is Mac OS 8.1
I don't really want to do anything with it. Anyways, the screen doesn't work so that needs to be fixed first.
Wow nostalgia, what a lovely era of machine! I made my first forays into writing with a Powerbook of similar vintage.
The sad thing is, it that I pretty much destroyed the casing, but I think I kept the actual machine pretty intact.
If you get it working, the first order of business should be locating and loading up an old copy of Strategic Conquest (preferably version 3).
Oh, thats cool! But it seems like I'll have to get a new screen for it, to make it work. There is some kind of residue/grease leaked on to the screen.
So, what do the hardware experts think of the screen? I took some pictures of it, could there be a possible fix? Also, is there any way to test to see if the computer works, without using a screen?
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