*bump* any progress, NoahK?
NoahK wrote:
[...]I found an old junk router in the back of the closet, changed the subnet to make it different than that of the main router, daisy-chained the two, and made the junk router unsecured. I then connected the Photon to the unsecured router, then went into the router settings and made it so only the Photon's MAC address was allowed to connect via wifi. I know it works, but I would like some feedback from some of the more network-savvy members here as to if this is a secure set-up.
No, it's not truly secure, but for the sake of testing, it's probably good enough. Since you're using an unsecured setup, your packets are flying through the air unencrypted. It would be easy for someone to use forensics tools to capture some of those packets, see the MAC address of the transmitting Photon, and then clone that MAC address to be able to talk to the unsecured router.

Like Caleb1997, I hope that you have a chance to resume this project soon!
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