As many of you know; we cannot send applications (yet) over usb because there are checks in the usb code which prevent this. However, we can simply run an assembly program to create the application for us. Along with the patient help of jacobly I've made an application framework that will automatically handle relocations and BASIC library functions with ease such as OpenLib() and ExecLib. Feel free to check it out here and play around with creating your own applications and libraries Smile

As for the application format; I have pretty much fully documented it here:
That's an outstanding piece of work, congratulations to both of you Smile

You're consistently pushing the envelope of what users can do on the TI-eZ80 series.
Indeed, it's pretty awesome Smile
Does this mean that a BasicBuilder thing (like the z80 series, where you can build your programs into an app) will be coming soon?

I don't have my calc with me now, but I will test this ASAP! Seems interesting...

EDIT: Just tried it, I could not build it, I did "fasmg src/execlib.asm execlib.8xp" in the command prompt, It said "fasmg was not a recognized program, operable batch file... etc". When I renamed fasmg to fasmg.exe, it said that the software was incompatible with my computer. I have Win10 Home, x64.
You need to download this fasmg:
OK, that worked! What does the app do?
SM84CE wrote:
OK, that worked! What does the app do?

Not much; but you can write a TI-Basic program like this:

ExecLib 1
ExecLib 2
ExecLib 3

ExecLib 1 - does nothing
ExecLib 2 - disables run indication
ExecLib 3 - Enables lowercase letter input
I see, Will there be a BASIC builder type thing for the CE?
SM84CE wrote:
I see, Will there be a BASIC builder type thing for the CE?

That isn't what this is at all...
Exceptional as always, thanks Mateo & jacobly!
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