I was creating an RPG game (highly similar to Final Fantasy) and decided to base the stat system off of the system used in Final Fantasy 2 but with a slight twist.

For those who don't know, Final Fantasy 2 was the first RPG game to use the skill-based stat system. In this system, when a character fights a lot physically, his/her Strength goes up. When they were damaged a lot, their HP and Stanima went up. Also, there were skill levels that went up as characters did stuff more. For example, fighting with a sword increases a character's sword skill level while casting a healing spell increased the healing spell's skill level. This system had a lot of bugs like characters attacking themselves and ended up with the most important spell in the game (which one of the characters literally died to unleash) being unable to work due to a bug. In order to prevent this bug, I made my own spin-off of this system.

In my RPG game, I made it so characters have six stats: HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Magic, and Resistance. After each battle, instead of EXP, each character would get Crystals. Crystals in my game would be used to increase character stats so you could customize them. Also, you would need a certain number of Crystals to upgrade stats after a certain point in order to prevent stats from rising super fast. This way, you get the customization of the skill-based stat system without the bugs. Not only that, but each character (just like in Final Fantasy 2) will be able to equip any weapon or armor regardless of stats. On the other hand, I realized that adding the equipment and magic skill levels could make the game too big for the TI 84 CSE (but I'll still try it). So what do you guys think of this? Does it need any changes?
Calc_Knight, I beleive that this would be really cool in a full rpg. I did something similar in my "grave robber" game, only that wasnt so much a game as it was a glorified battle system. besides being stripped down.

as for being too big for the C/S/E, I dont see why it would be that large. levels per stat could be increased exponentially (or linearly, if you want something simpler), and weapons/armor would only be stat changes and basic stuff like a small graphic, name, etc.
I've already planned out the whole game. The plot isn't too long. The characters would only reach about Lv50~Lv60 if put into the Exp. system used in that new First Fantasy game. The game is highly based on this battle system and its non-linear plot. There is also going to be an overworld map, about 20 spells, and 8 different types of equipment. It isn't going to be a very long game as much as it's going to be a very good game.
Sounds great! This seems like a pretty big project, I hope you finish it!
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