Sooooooooooooooooooo yeah. I've been working with Blender lately, and I've made some stuffs. This thread is to show you guys stuffs and for you guys to post your stuffs if you've made stuffs. And, without further ado, here it is!

I call this series "Fuzzy Fur."
Blue Fur

B&W Fur

Purple Fur with Blue Core

Not-Really-Fluffy Fur, Looks-More-Spiky-To-Me Fur

Fluffy Fur Forest

That wraps up the Fluffy Fur series. Now some random ones:
Somber Beach Ball


That's it for now. Comments? Post your renders too! It'd be cool to see them!
So I guess this is a super duper necrobump but this was the most recent 3D rendering topic I could find.

I was looking around at some old folders and found some of my old renders. I picked two of the best ones, one's from 2015 and the other 2016 respectively. hope you like them! I'll see if I can find some more recent ones later.

Here are some from this year, but I also want to ask who all actually has used blender, and if so do you use it for art, or for demonstration purposes, or both (I have used it for both Razz)

Wanted to test neon signs for my CC20 entry, here's a test I made:

Sign made in Blender, rendered in UE4
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