Not at all affiliated with this seller, but saw this on the MoHPC Forums, and thought I'd share.

$50 for a new 50g. That's $1 per g. Meanwhile, $85's the cheapest you can get an 83+ for, and really it's far more fair to use the 89Ti, which is $130+. (Some things the 89Ti does better (screen resolution, ease of use out of the box), some things the 50g does better (build quality, CPU speed, having RPN as an option if that's your thing, the sheer level of programmability (there's even an assembler that supports both Saturn and ARM assembly, in the OS), expansion (SD card slot)).)

I wonder if this means bad things for the 50g, though... but it's still listed on the HP site at $129.

Also, looks like the 39gs is cheap: (This one actually is discontinued, so it really is clearing out old stock.)

But, really, if you're gonna do that, just buy a 50g (or, if you insist on HP's classroom-oriented UI, just buy a Prime, as it's the successor to the 38/39/40 line). The only reason to get a 39gs over the 50g or Prime is that it doesn't have a CAS, and is therefore ACT-legal (after the IR port is taped over), whereas the 50g and Prime are specifically named as banned on the ACT.
I wouldn't be surprised if the price of the HP 50g is so cheap because they're focusing on the Prime and not bothering with the older monochrome calculators any more, just as TI is focusing on the TI-84 Plus CE and the TI-Nspire CX lines and letting the TI-89 and TI-84 Plus series fall into quiet obsolescence. I'd say that $25-$30 is more the price of a working TI-83 Plus on eBay, and I usually see the TI-89 non-Titanium for about $80. Nevertheless, your point stands that $50 is very cheap for an HP 50g, especially new. Perhaps I'll have to think about picking one up to add to my collection.
Well, I was looking at new prices, not used. I mean, if you don't care about the ARM CPU, expansion, native USB (the 49G is serial-only), or the build quality, you can get a 49G for $15 or $20, and do quite a lot of what a 50g can do.

Edit: Aaaaaand it's gone. That seller went up to $80 like most other sellers, the cheapest seller is $72 plus $6.83 shipping, the cheapest fulfilled by Amazon is $79.
I managed to get one at that price, as I saw the same post on MoHP. My left shift key is getting wonky, so I'm happy at that price.
And, on the heels of the 50g's discontinuation being a thing that's happening, Dynatech in Germany has the blue 50g for 69.95 Euro including VAT:

Hat tip to Thomas Radtke on the MoHPC forums.
Shame that it's getting discontinued. But hopefully I can manage to get it one for cheap in Canada. If I can get one for $60-70 in Canadian dollars that would be much better than what every Canadian store charged for it back in 2012-13 ($207.99)
bhtooefr wrote:
And, on the heels of the 50g's discontinuation being a thing that's happening, Dynatech in Germany has the blue 50g for 69.95 Euro including VAT:
Oooh, very attractive. I hope someone will post if there's a store in the US that has it for sufficiently cheap. Smile
You won't find it in the US - it was for Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Italy only, as far as I know.
A couple of weeks ago, I bought black 50g for $99 to replace the one I traded for a HP 42S. The 50g calculators have become are hard to find at stores.
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