EDIT: First Fantasy support and updates (yes, there were some) on Cemetech have been discontinued until further notice.

When DrDnar released CE TextLib, I started porting my color RPG called First Fantasy: Mana Force to the TI-83 Premium CE and TI-84 Plus CE. FF:MF for the CSE was actually a remake of Mana Force for the TI-83+ with many extra features. Due to limitations, the graphics look a bit different than the CSE version and the HUD now only appears when selecting battle commands like in the 2002 game, along with the menu. But so far I managed to keep the game speed and look somewhat similar or faster. The biggest change in magic animations are Aura, as demonstrated in the last screenshot, and Holy. The other changes are merely colors or removing translucency.

For reference, here is how the TI-83+ and TI-84+CSE games looked like: https://img.ourl.ca/mfffmfcomparison.png

The game also uses that screen inverting routine that DrDnar posted in the other thread in order to erase the ugly white border around the gameplay area that resulted otherwise.

Hopefully I can get something out soon. Smile
This looks great, DJ_O! I certainly hope that a future Doors CSE for the TI-84 Plus CE will incorporate the functionality of DrDnar's text library (like the TI-84+CSE Doors CSE) among many others and make it possible to run your game without requiring the extra ASM program or people explicitly keeping it in RAM. I see that you fill the screen with a solid color before drawing any text to sidestep the issue of not being able to fill the whole height of a character, which seems like a reasonable solution to me. Will this version of the game have the full map and gameplay from the CSE version?
Thanks a lot. And sadly it won't be full-screen, as CE TextLib doesn't ever touch the gray status bar. But I adapted the game a bit to work around that limitation.

I should find the two screenshots I posted yesterday on CW (someone deleted the entire server so all posts from the last 5 days are gone. Good thing my game backups are on my computer and calculator)

EDIT: I found them again Very Happy

Today comes our first TI-84 Plus CE release. Back in April, I released a remake of my 2002 TI-83+ RPG Mana Force for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition: First Fantasy: Mana Force. Today, I am proud to release the TI-83 Premium CE and TI-84 Plus CE version!

Like the CSE remake, this port features all the enhancements that were added compared to the original monochrome game, ranging from enhanced graphics, new magic spells, new enemies, new cutscenes, expanded storyline and many new challenges. There are 16 magic spells available, 7 character classes, 48 monsters (this port lacks the easter egg) and several hours of gameplay. It is the first RPG to be released for the TI's ez80 calculator line and this port takes advantage of CE Texlib, by DrDnar, to draw colored text and rectangles in TI-BASIC programs on the home screen, as well as his screen inverting code.

If you like JRPGs and got a TI-83 Premium CE or TI-84 Plus CE, then you should give this game a try.

Download link: https://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&id=1277 (You must also download CE Textlib in order to run the game!)
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