Sometime around when DCSB libs-based Calcnet over USB became a thing (when DCS 7.2 was in beta), I wrote a simple hybrid BASIC program called BASIChat to test the libraries. After further refinement, BASIChat2 was built but not released in a binary form. Given recent interest in the BASIChat programs, I've decided to give it a thread here.

BASIChat2 uses the Doors CS BASIC libraries to chat with other calculators, either over a link cable or over global Calcnet. It was the program used to verify the functionality of the Doors CS BASIC libraries, and has been tested both on local and global Calcnet networks. An older version of it can be found here; the current version in development is not stable and has interoperability issues with BASIChat3 that are being resolved.

I am currently working on a version for the TI-83 and TI-86 called BASIChat3. Much like their hybrid BASIC counterpart, it works with another calculator (of the same model) and, through a Python script utilizing a modified version of my Python graylink linking utilities, can work over global Calcnet. Currently the TI-83 Plus is not supported for whatever reason (despite the software being written in pure BASIC), but hopefully I am able to resolve this for the beta release.

Currently, BASIChat+ (the beta of BASIChat2) is stable and should work; it is available from the link provided above in the form of source code. BASIChat2 is undergoing changes to match the linking format of BASIChat3. BASIChat3 has issues with the Flash-based calculators, of unknown cause; the code works between TI-83s, but only by miracles. Within the next few days, the working beta of BASIChat3 should be finished, and BASIChat2 shortly after that.
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