My new πzm (Pizm) program can display the first 15000 digits of number pi arranged nicely. It also has a Play mode, you can enter the digits and the program will count them. It's useful for learning pi.

How many digits can you remember?

Download version 1.00

That's a good-looking program! Does it store the digits statically within the program, compute them when you start the program, or compute them on-the-fly? If one of the latter two, what algorithm do you use to compute the digits?
The digits are only stored yet, but I'm planning to implement the Chudnovsky algorithm. The data is compressed, I store 2 decimal digits per byte, so it uses only 7.5kB out of 41.4kB (full size of the plugin)
Happy π day for everyone!
This program looks good!
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