Hello, I bought a ti83 plus not too long ago. I thought it would be nice for my kids and me. They would need it for tests and we are big fans of mario. I tried to put mirage os and Sam heralds mario 1.2 and also tried 2.0 (1.2 source is available) it is a really well made game but the calculator I bought has the screen slanted. I think it was the lcd screen being slower or a driver and was a common problem. I found a patch and fixed mirage but mario also needs I be patched (could be a fastcopy rouine from what I read). I was wondering if anyone has done this already? It is beyond me on how to do this - I patched mirage using notepad from code by floppymaximus from detached solutions. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.
If you use Doors CS instead of MirageOS, you simply need to go to DCS Menu > Display > Autotune to fix things. Smile I strongly recommend you use Doors CS 7.2 instead of MirageOS; although I'm its author and thus very biased, it is much more stable and contains many more features.
Ok, I installed doors, not my first time installing it, but I didn't play around with it the first time too much. I went to display but the only options I see are light<contrast>dark and alpha sort programs. I don't see auto tune. That is doors7.2 that I just tried. Sorry not trying to be a pain but I tried options, help, display, and about. Also doors looks fine just mario is slanted.
Hello Daemonlance, and welcome to Cemetech! I believe that under the display options, along with the other ones, there is a an option called "Retune" (Looks a little like "Return", which is weird...) Razz

Hope this helps! Smile Good luck!
Ah, that's my mistake; apparently I can't remember what words I used for things. Thanks for discovering that it's actually called "Retune" rather than "Auto-tune" and making that helpful screenshot, Mateo! Obviously I've been listening to too much T-Pain or Auto-Tune the News.
KermMartian wrote:
Ah, that's my mistake; apparently I can't remember what words I used for things. Thanks for discovering that it's actually called "Retune" rather than "Auto-tune" and making that helpful screenshot, Mateo! Obviously I've been listening to too much T-Pain or Auto-Tune the News.

Haha, no it wasn't me that made that screenshot it was you back in 2010! Very Happy I just found this feature for myself; it is pretty nice. Smile

Any luck getting things working right, Daemonlance? Smile
From reading that topic, it seems that the screenshot is outdated as that feature was later improved to take ≤1 second. Still a nice feature.
No, I still can not get it to work, not trying to be a pain I'm sorry. Is this a feature on the doors sdk? I don't show retune in the bottom right, it is blank.
I will try to uninstall it and reinstall it later today. I just went to ticalc's website and the reviews said it came with retune. I'm not sure why my version does not show this. It is 7.2. I only have my phone and calculator so I can't get it to post a picture right now, but I will later if I still can't get it to work after reinstalling it.[/img]
Oh, you said you have a TI-83 Plus, not a TI-84 Plus. The TI-83 Plus unfortunately does not have a tunable LCD delay, which is why Doors CS doesn't show a button for it. Even more unfortunately, the symptoms you're describing mean that your calculator's LCD is likely headed for ribbon failure, which causes the screen to become slanted, garbled, or in extreme cases, all black or white. The issue is that the LCD ribbon cable is attached with a conductive glue, and as the calculator ages, the glue dries out and forms a less-conductive connection. I have a topic on repairing this issue if you're handy with a soldering iron, but I believe that may be what this indicates.
Yes, I have a TI83 Plus, but the screen is not always slanted, Doors, Mirage, and multiple games work, I think the issue is just with the Mario games fastcopy routines itself (From what I read on other posts). I think the LCD display was slower for some reason, I just wasn't sure how to go about fixing that, or if somebody else had done it previously. BTW, I do like how Doors is set up, and I have alot of respect for what you guys do, it is awesome![/img]
Hmm... I feel that that is exactly what is going on, and I feel the only way to fix it is to modify the source a tad. I can give it shot! Smile

EDIT: Got it to compile and everything, now I just need to add in some things to fix it up a little. Smile
Thanks alot everybody for your quick responses! You guys are great. I'll be patient, I have alot of respect for what you guys do.
Cool, I think I got it. Smile

I patched the program up by checking to make sure the LCD was ready to update. I tested it on both the TI83+ and TI84+, and it should work right... But the LCD fix can only be found by using your calculator. If you could give it a try and let me know if it works, that would be great! Thanks! Smile

Zip file: Mario.zip

Kerm: I'm not entirely sure if DCS uses ifastcopy as the one included in ion; is it the same? Thanks! Smile

Mario.... Hmm.... brainstorm ideas! Razz
Awesome, I can't believe you got it that quick! It works great, thanks alot! You should post this somewhere, maybe ticalc or maybe just on your website, I spent days looking for somebody who got this to work and was about to give up, so glad you got it!
Sure, no problem! Smile Glad it was able to work right; some LCD drivers just can't update quickly enough sometimes. Razz

Happy Mario fun! Very Happy
Wow, major props to Mateo for the save! I didn't realize that 83+s occasionally had the same LCD issues as the newer models.
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