I am the founder of Omnimaga (2001) and CodeWalrus (2014) and author of various past calculator programs (mostly RPGs). I stepped down from my Omnimaga admin position in 2011 and remained active as news editor until around a few months ago. In the meantime, I was also active on Cemetech on and off, as well as CodeWalrus afterward.

Unfortunately, after recommendations from friends due to issues mentionned in this post, I am now announcing my goodbye from SAX (#Cemetech IRC channel) and the entire Omnimaga website. It is possible that this departure might extend to Cemetech forums and other sites, if the issues below becomes a problem there too.

My issues to communicate properly have plagued my experience and the experience of others in the community when I was around, with misunderstandings and disputes. While a few were intentionally caused by some community members, I have troubles with working out people's intention that I never got able to overcome, thanks in part to several bad experiences in the past (a lot in real life). Unfortunately, those issues are not related to text being a poor communication medium nor language barrier, because I have the same problem when communicating in my native language via voice mediums, so it caused me problems in real life too in the past.

This, along with many other things I noticed about myself over the years, led to the conclusion that I have asperger syndrome. It is not officially diagnosticed but many people that I know have it and I have every single symptom to a certain degree). I also always had serious problems adapting to changes (an example being switching from BASIC to Axe/ASM/C) and why, 8 years after moving to my own appartment, I am barely able to adapt to the extra life duties that come with it.

It was wrong from me and the others people to continuously tell admins of other sites to run things the way we want, because they are not our sites. Normally we either deal with it, go elsewhere or start our own place. Unfortunately, I was unable to adapt to Cemetech nor the change in direction that Omnimaga took in recent years, and since it was the case of other people as well, the last option was chosen. It was not intended as an attack towards other sites, but rather to make the community more diverse (all 3 sites had different mentalities, good sides and negative sides). But no matter what, I am sorry to have bothered Omni, Cemetech and other site admins non-stop in the past to have things ran differently.

My problems do not limit themselves to my communication and changes issues, however, unless the rest is caused by those two issues. I started becoming into a somewhat depressive mood starting in early October or so, which worsened ever since. In addition to that, my sensitivity is another thing I have never been able to overcome, and seeing a psy in 2010 didn't help, as he pretty much told me the exact same things that close friends at the time told me. Also, when a bad incident affects me, sometimes, I will keep bad memories of it forever, even if later I become in good terms with the people involved. If I see them again later, those bad memories come back and I start feeling down. So the solution was to avoid being around those people (which can be a problem in real life but so far it hasn't happened with immediate acquintances there).

I am not sure how we will stay in touch after this post. I know that some people here and other sites frequent private IRC channels, Facebook, Skype and Telegram, but not everyone does. PM or e-mail can work, but it depends of how often I check those. CodeWalrus has run out of staff and it might take a miracle to allow it to continue in its current form. In the event where it would be taken over by the remaining members, that might eventually be an alternate option to contact me. That said, I alienated many people in the past, if not recently, with my behavior, and you did not deserve any backlash from my part (ok, some people did, but not everyone have bad intentions). This made it next to impossible for me to keep a friendship intact (the only friendships I think I managed to keep 100% intact are with tr1p1ea and juju). So my departure might be for the best. Sorry for those I have hurt and maybe, one day, I can come back. I hope I can continue working on First Fantasy: Mana Force and other projects regardless of the outcome of this, but motivation might be hard to come by.

On a more positive (or negative, depending of how you see it) note, I also withdrew from the music industry, so starting March 15th, all my music on Bandcamp will become free.

-Kevin Ouellet, alias DJ Omnimaga
Kevin, I must say that I have never been led to believe that you have been anything other than the dedicated person that you are. I may not have known you that well, but from what I have seen, you have been a long-time part of the community, and helpful and insightful.

I understand that as people, none of us can ever see eye-to-eye. I do not know the circumstances of many things you bring up, but I believe that what you may believe you lack in communication, you make up for in spirit. We can't all be perfect. I want you to know that you are a great person, no matter what issues you may encounter. I hope that you will continue to learn and understand yourself, becoming the best person that you can be. You have been an amazingly productive and intelligent person, and I know that you have what it takes. Your dedication to Omnimaga and other sites, while there may have been bumps along the road, has provided many people with inspiration and advice. That will never be forgotten.

I understand that you have concluded that you have asperger's syndrome. My brother has also been supposedly diagnosed with this, and I believe that it simply doesn't matter. He is one of my best friends and has given me the best that a brother could have asked for. We are all human, and it is our differences that make us unique. We take it by the horns and don't let it define us, but rather, become a part of us.

I whole heatedly agree that life comes before anything else though. Just remember that you have what it takes, which means that you can change anything you want about yourself, even if you don't believe it at first. Start small, and things will improve. Go out and smell the roses, so to speak.

I would like to wish you the best of luck in your future, and I can say that you will be missed. Enjoy what life has to offer though; and just remember all the small things in life are what really matter. You may have withdrawn from some things, but there are countless opportunities and adventures out there. Be yourself; and remember that you will be remembered for all the good things you have done throughout the years, DJ Omnimaga.
MateoConLechuga wrote:
you will be missed.

Thanks a lot but ahem:

DJ Omnimaga wrote:
I am now announcing my goodbye from SAX (#Cemetech IRC channel) and the entire Omnimaga website. It is possible that this departure might extend to Cemetech forums and other sites, if the issues below becomes a problem there too.

In other words I am still on Cemetech forums for the time being. As it turns out, CW as well since it turns out that juju wants to keep it.

(Note: to disable Cemetech shoutbox you need to use Adblock)
I send my well-wishes to you, DJ_O. In general, I have never really noticed you more than a quiet, well-knowledged member of our cemetech family. I am glad you are staying on the forums to spread such knowledge to others.
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