While finishing up the abba caving event point, I erected a statue of Kerm, staring thoughtfully into a torch:

Very Happy
Wow, what a realistic-looking statue! Your masterpiece is nearly on the level of a certain well-known piece of French sculpture. It was a very fun game of Abba Caving, although unfortunately the initial cave was cleaned out. Congrats to CharlesSprinkle for a well-deserved victory, and I look forward to playing again soon. I hope more of you join us for our next Abba Caving adventure!
KermMartian wrote:

It was a very fun game of Abba Caving, although unfortunately the initial cave was cleaned out. Congrats to CharlesSprinkle for a well-deserved victory, and I look forward to playing again soon. I hope more of you join us for our next Abba Caving adventure!

It was a pretty fun game of abba caving, I agree! However, I also agree that it's unfortunate that our initial cave gave the false impression that we had a good cave system that was ultimately explored when you went deeper.

Thanks tifreak and Kerm for playing! I hope we'll get a better cave system next time, and I hope more members join in!

See http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=236650#236650
So after the kicklist I now made an deathlist wich shows all the deaths starting from 30 Mar 2015, and it recalculates it when you visit/refresh the page.
It's located at http://kicklist.monkey0x9.me/indax.php . Alternatively you can do "%deathlist" ingame or on #cemetech-mc, so CVBot can give you the link to click on.
With 1.9 nearing, there has been recent discussion about things to do in the remaining days of the current 1.8 map as far as keeping things more interesting and doing things just for the fun of it in ways.

A few points I'd like to discuss include
- Map difficulty
- The nether
- The end

The server difficulty has been changed from easy to normal as of today. Mobs now have a more noticeable but still small chance of spawning with armor and perhaps a low-level enchantment.
For more info on how difficulty affects gameplay, see

While I think that is makes things more interesting in some ways, I am a fan of hard difficulty. However, I know this is not the opinion of everyone. What thoughts does everyone else have on this? And if hard difficulty seems a bit intimidating, would it possibly sway any opinions if the server had a day or two that it was hard difficulty as a trial period-- would anyone be open to it? Of course, this all being after we see how normal difficulty is.

The Nether
This is an idea originally proposed by tifreak8x--

tifreak8x wrote:

<CemetecMC> (M) [tifreak8x] You know, I'd love to go explore the nether for this world before the closing of the map

<CemetecMC> (M) [tifreak8x] Think of all the fortresses not explored

I think it would generate more interest in coming online to bring back more activity, since having the nether has been a long-lost feature that everyone has wanted to have, but couldn't have for economical and travel-related reasons. But as the map comes to a close and these things begin to potentially loosen up, I believe it would be great fun to explore the nether, shoot some ghasts, find and raid some fortresses, and fight some wither skeletons and blazes. Thoughts?

The End
It is more well-known that one of the main features that will be upgraded in 1.9 is the ender dragon fight to be made more difficult. This means that this will be the last chance to do a 'classic' style ender dragon fight. I think it would be cool to use this as another reason to bring people on the server together as we start to close out this map. We could arrange a certain time that best fits many peoples' schedules, and all do the dragon fight.

Discussion for 1.9
Of course, these are all also simultaneously relevant topics for 1.9 that should be discussed here, and in the other topics linked in that topic by Comic.
As per the quote, I would very much like to go explore the nether. I don't really feel the need/want to build so much right now, because I feel in order to do things properly, I'd need to restart from scratch. I'd rather use that energy towards a 1.9 fresh start. Plus I've been learning things, so that's always fun as well.

I'd really like to have the nether opened up soonish/nowish, so much unexplored area, so little time.
I'm against opening the nether because there wouldn't be any interest. It'd either be "Why bother, we're just gunna switch to 1.9 soon" or "I just built an awesome place in the Nether, we can't switch to 1.9 yet!" Especially if we get new users through this, they may not take kindly to that.

I think leaving the Nether, should it be opened, for 1.9 would be a good enough draw for (some) users to play with us again.
Had to share this with you all. Found it on youtube. You Minecrafters will roll on the floor.

Apparently the server was down because Towny's data got corrupted. It should be fixed now.
I think we've let the version number on mc.cemetech.net fall out of date.

Just make it 1.8 (or even 1.9) and the issue is fixed for a longer term Very Happy
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