Thanks for bumping this topic caleb! I regret to say that not much progress will be made on this project for a while since I have been relocated to the garage and it's winter time here in the midwest. I hope it will pick up in the spring though! I'll be sure to add an update then.

Well, it's almost springtime. Do you have any plans on finishing this? Because I really do like it (as do many others, I'm sure) and it would be really nice for you to finish it. You can do it! I know you can!
Yeah, I'll need to do some research about uv bulbs or where I can get a DLP projector for cheap because those things pump out some nice uv. I'm switching the design back to the 45 degree (pi/4 radians) mirror OR putting the projector facing up but probably the mirror. Our biggest problem though is getting the cured resin to stick to what's pulling it up and not the glass it's sitting on. PAM is, though, uv transparent Razz I know that somehow.... so it's still a bit chilly here but progress will resume soon I believe.
I'm as of now trying to get my hands on a DLP projector and I think I have a way to get one for free but I don't know for sure yet. I think our current plan is to scrap most of our current design and get some metal for frame and weld it all together because we will have to adapt the shape to the projector and have a way to hold it. Anyway, I haven't physically been working on the printer because the design will revolves around the shape of the projector which I won't know until I have it... but there has definitely been lots of effort put in to continue the project Smile I will do a big update the thread after I can cure resin with a projector Wink so sadly I guess that means not for a while Sad Now I have a bajillion UV leds lying around Razz
Can UV light go through UV LEDs?? If they can then you could mount a double layer having a one layer of the projector and another one of the LEDs. Wouldn't this make it doubly efficient?

How's this going?
Alright, everybody, Lots of pictures today. Pretty exciting stuff.

I acquired a DLP projector for free and today decided to run a proof-of-concept test which could not have gone better. Upon exposure to direct uv light from the projector the resin cured completely in about 10-20 seconds. WAY faster than any rasterizing 3D printer i've seen. Here are pictures. I didn't have anything to cure at hand so I just used the NEC logo that displays when I turned the projector on:

And previously I've found that the "cured" resin sticks to the glass. What I found today is that I had NEVER fully cured resing untill just now. Once it's fully cured it pops right off of the glass. Im super stoked about this result and will attempt to make any progress I can on the printer today and tomorrow and the weekend before school starts up again. Thanks for everyone's help so far. I really want to finish off this project! Smile Smile Smile
Will you have to program it? It would be really exciting to write some "OS" for a 3D-printer. Of course I wouldn't be able to do this on my own, but, again, it would be really exciting to help you with it!
The way we're doing it, no programming required! If you read the rest of the thread you'll understand Wink

How's this coming along, Botboy?
It's been a very long time since this topic has been active, but unfortunately this project won't be finished.
I believe I announced this in SAX a while back but I'll write it here too.
It's sorta depressing, but early this summer we were cleaning out the garage because it had been a total disaster. The printer frame was sitting on the workbench just as it had been for a loooong time. I looked at it and weighed my options and ultimately decided that the money I would need to put into it would be more than just buying a regular 3D printer that would definitely ultimately work better then this one. So that was the end of it. There were just too many fatal flaws with our approach, the sticking to the glass, the non-uv-transparent lcd, the lifting mechanism etc.
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