By entering a code, it is possible to create a TI-30X Pro MultiView from the TI-30X Plus MultiView:
I am interested in this code because of my interest in calculators for over 4 decades.
The code exists due to:
Sadly, this is in German, but with:
one can translate the site into his/her wish language. Wink
If anyone knows it, please let me know. Thank you all very much in advance, I highly appreciate your help. Smile
This has been a highly sought after code for quite a while now. Unfortunately, you're likely out of luck, no one I've met on any forum has been able to reproduce this bug and those who have found it, choose not to publicize it.
Well, the chips have to be read out and a maybe disassembly has to be done. Sure, much work...
Strangely, since 2017 I've seen posts asking about the exploit, but never any relevant reply.
Is it that complicated/impossible ?

luckyroland wrote:

But it definitely exists, here is a copy of the original warning issued to schools on 2017 July 18th by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of Baden W√ľrttemberg :

You may expect it to be more accurate than the above sources, but of course it doesn't tell you everything.
An interesting german topic about this :

jfkennedy states he and other teachers know about the code :
jfkennedy wrote:
Den Code gibt es, wir mussten allerdings damals eine Geheimhaltungsvereinbarung unterschreiben.
Die Firma hat uns damals gedroht, deshalb wurde auch nichts veröffentlicht.

Source :

But if I'm translating this correctly, they were threaten by TI, and then forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Quite strange if you want my opinion, when I'm reporting things to TI, I usually don't get threaten...
If TI does faults on their own, then threaten people to get away with this is a no go! Education with people who did such mistakes: (for decades!) (cubic equation solver, false constant)
and others, should be questioned, especially for governments, who are dealing with them!
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