This is a simple trick, but it bears repeating simply because I wasted so much time figuring it out/using it yesterday.

The other day, I decided the colors on my Livejournal were boring and decided to make them a little more exciting. I was using the default multiplex theme, which is mostly gray and fairly boring. Although I liked the layout and the colors in relation to each other (i.e. the interplay between light and dark gray was aesthetically pleasing), I didn't like the colors themselves. Rather than attempting to design a better theme by hand that maintained the relational aesthetic, I decided it would be easier to take a screenshot of my site with the GIMP and map some gradients to find a good scheme (Filters --> Colors --> Map --> Gradient Map). After messing around, I came up with 3 options that I liked:

Next, all I had to do was open up the option I picked in Firefox, and then copy and paste the hexadecimal codes into the Livejournal control panel after determining them using the Firefox Colorzilla Extension (link). All in all, I was satisfied with the result (link).
You can save a step by just using the color picker in GIMP instead of ColorZilla (the RGB listing gives the HEX value)
or use the HTML color codes also
Yeah, that too.
rivereye wrote:
or use the HTML color codes also

If I remember right, HTML technically only allows for 256 colors....
Interesting .... then you'd just use the eyedropper to get the rgb values and apply it to the blog?
Yes, you correct, Kerm.
I correct? I love correct. I learn English and get good yob!
First go school learn advanced digital logic, then get job. You priorities all mumbly jumbly, Krem man.
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