My friend will be needing a graphing calculator for next year. However, he is not at all sure what he should get. I'm wondering if he should wait for the 84 plus CE, or get a CSE, or a TI-84 plus. I also have a friend who has a TI-84 plus silver edition with one line of text on the screen that just doesn't work, is there a way to cheaply fix the screen? One more thing, is there a good way to get new calculators inexpensively? or what store is best to get a graphing calculator at?
eBay is your best bet for inexpensive calculators. Also, I've had success at thrift stores such as Goodwill and Salvation Army; found a TI-89 for $6 and all it needed was a new pair of batteries. Be careful, most calculators on eBay are cheap because they have faults.

If he needs one now, the CSE is a solid choice and it'll last for years from an academic standpoint. Otherwise he can wait and see how well the CE is received. The TI-84+ will certainly have better documentation and support in textbooks as it's been around for years.
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