I have started a new Cookie clicker project that deviates from the original cookie clicker. Instead of just using cookies as your only currency, you can also buy gold collectors and things such as a golden goose and stuff like that. I'm thinking you'd get gold per min. instead of sec. and you'll be getting a lot less than you would get cookies. Some things in the shop will cost only gold and some things will cost gold and cookies.

I have currently implemented a shop that only works with cookies as of now but is set up to also work with gold as soon as i decide on the shop items. The game works right now but nothing gold related is 100% implemented.

It would be helpful if i could get some shop ideas for gold collectors and cookie collectors, plus ideas on prices. I have all the normal things like cursors/auto clicks and Powerclicks and things like that. I plan on implementing multipliers and stuff like that.

EDIT: gold is now implemented. all variables are stored in a list that is auto archived on exit and unarchived on start. Clicking speeds are fast and there are different cheats and ways to find golden cookies. currently only a few cheats have been inserted but there are more to come.
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