Unicorn wrote:
When I run your first code, I get an Error : Domain. What causes this? I don't use Ans anywhere else in the program, or maybe B is wrong. I'll do some more testing.
That sounds like something you can track down yourself! Which command is causing it? Which argument to that command do you think doesn't make sense? Check the values of the variables used as arguments to the command that causes the error and see if that helps you figure out what happened.
Yeah... I did look for it myself and I did know that Ans was the problem, but I forgot about the differnent Y axis increase so Ans really didn't look wrong to me. If I had looked at it again I probably would have found the problem.
Thanks Mateo for helping me right away.
I fixed the problem and added another weapon. I will also be releasing a Pi day version with some easter eggs.

Pi day version is now out! Look for the easter egg... (it involves Pi Razz)
Get it Here! ππππ

Make sure to download the updated version of Cat Nipper for the full experience! (I feel like a TV Commercial Razz Don't forget to read the fine print Very Happy)

It is not yet updated.

Actually, here it is: Cat Nipper
So if anyone wants to see a screenshot, here one is!

You don't get to know what happens next...
Bumpity Bump Bump!

Just wondering if anyone noticed that this game is now done, you could have missed it because of my editing.
Okay, so, Part three will not be getting done anytime soon because of my nonexistannt xlibc experience. I am currently working on a short pointless game to enter into xlibc, but I won't say anything about it because Kerm would repmand me about site advertising. Razz
All you will know is that it involes throwing things.
Why not just post a Your Projects topic here about your short pointless game? That would give you a place to ask xLIBC questions for the people who made and use xLIBC to answer; they're all here at Cemetech and happy to help. Smile
The game is essentially about site advertising, but I don't want to get in trouble for that, so I won't.
I probably shouldn't have mentioned it. Razz

I am making Caterite Attack for the 83+ /84+ monochromes!
It is pretty much done, but I have to slow it down a bit to make winning possible. Razz

I just have to fix a few Outputs and make it slower, so it should be quick!
Unicorn wrote:

I am making Caterite Attack for the 83+ /84+ monochromes!
It is pretty much done, but I have to slow it down a bit to make winning possible. Razz

I just have to fix a few Outputs and make it slower, so it should be quick!

Haha, that's new! Smile Making a program run slower rather than faster; pretty sweet. Good luck porting it; perhaps there may be some bonus features now that there is more speed? Smile Keep up the good work!
ooooo a bonus feature? Maybe, Caterpi already has one, I wonder what I could do...
I guess another bump Razz

MonoCaterite is almost done, so if you would like to test it out and give suggestions, pm me or post here!
And........... another bump

Anyways, not following priorites, I am doing xlibc stuff to caterite attack and cat nipper. Pretty much just making it look better and putting the stats on the status bar. I am trying to implement powerups in monocaterite, but that might take a little while. So yeah, thats that.

EDIT: Ugh, no wonder I keep getting an ERROR: DOMAIN, I forgot about the smaller screen size... Stop at 8, not 10! Razz
Welp, I have updated CaterPie with the removal of the status bar and better drawing,so if you want, go check it out!
I have ported CaterPi to the TI 84+ CE using textlib, and it should be available soon... The game does have the status bar visible, but other than that, it is almost exactly like the TI 84+ CSE version.
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