SysMon is a set of server and clients to monitor multiple *nix servers from a single interface. It consists of a tiny client Bash script run as a cron on machines to be monitored, a small PHP program to receive and store client data, and a C/ncurses program to aggregate and display data realtime. SysMon allows an administrator to monitor core CPU temperature, memory usage, load, users, uptime, and up/down status on many servers at a time in a single view, ideal for the small to medium-sized academic department or business. The interface automatically adjusts the data in view to the size of the user's terminal, so SysMon can be used locally, as a headend monitoring tool in a server room, or remotely over SSH. SysMon has been tested on Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS, and Solaris machines; some Linux competence is suggested for installation.

SysMon v2.0
Note: On January 12, 2015, this was upgraded to v2.0. See below.

oooh. nice work. that looks very cool.
elfprince13 wrote:
oooh. nice work. that looks very cool.
Thanks elfprince. Smile I hope it will be useful to some people other than me, since I'm finding my coworkers are using it with some regularity.
*bump* I have upgraded SysMon to v2.0. This version has been in use for over two years in one of NYU's graduate computer science departments, and has proven its worth in helping us administer our servers properly. Upgrades include removing the reliance on PHP/Apache and using Python for most scripts, direct socket-driven communication, and much more robust parsing of uptime lines generated on different *nix distributions.

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