Welcome to a new year, Cemetechians! We hope you rang it in on a good note and started off on the right foot! The past month of projects updating and releasing were a good one, with projects, contests, and hardware projects aplenty. Without further ado, I give you the list of projects covered for last month (at least, we're hoping I didn't miss anything this time. :p )

  • Zombie Apocalypse Part II: Kerm Martian continues his porting of TI's official STEM behind Hollywood TI-Nspire activties to the 84PCSE. Check out the topic for details on how Kerm was able to derive how certain simulations worked and the work involved into porting this to the CSE!

  • Robot War 2: By now, you're probably tired of me posting about this one. Just kidding: there is no such thing as too much Robot War 2 news! Dianzi Tian continues to wow and amaze, by adding the ability to sell items, or make items that are too important to be dropped to be undroppable! He's improved how the elevators look, and it just looks so smooth and amazing. And before the end of the year, going after a boss has been started, check out that screenshot depicting the start of that!

  • Alien Breed 5 Ep II: I think JamesV's drinking the same Kool-Aid as Dianzi tian. I mean, going around, adding little details to their games, making ithem AWESOME. Ahem. Quite. James has added in an in-game hints and tips system. Check out the topic for a sweet-looking screenshot showing off the system!

  • Sudoku: JWinslow has been updating his game, adding in a random puzzle generator, a hardness setting determined by a number in Ans, and has released these updates into the wild! Check out the topic, where you can find the latest version of this game.

  • Simon: Programmer Emerov has released a Simon Says game, based on a 1979 toy where you had to press a sequence of 4 panels to repeat the sequence it displays. The game looks awesome, and would make for a great pastime while waiting on your next class to start!

  • Portal Nspire: Partially inspired by MateoConLechuga's Portal CSE game, ldstudios has commenced working on this new, ambitious project. So far, he's got a very nice-looking menu system up and running, and his posting includes a todo and completed list. Go give it a look if you need something to be excited about for your TI-Nspire!

  • Portal CSE: MateoConLechuga continues his escapade to bring us one of the most anticipated games for the CSE to date. I mean, really, who doesn't love Portal? He's added up some screenshots and a list of things done and yet to do, so bounce over and add your voice of encouragement to help Mateo keep on going!

  • Cookie Clicker Axe: JWinslow is up to his usual shenanigans (what a great word, right?) again, and is bringing a nice-looking Cookie Clicker game to the monochrome calculators. Click that link and check out his project, and let him know what you think of his current work!

  • nReuben: Another port for Reuben Quest which has already seen an Axe port and an ASM port on the classic on the TI-83+/84+ series, is now making its way onto the Nspire, courtesy of pimathbraniac! Check out the work that's been done already (there's a screenshot showing off some of the map) and read up on the what and how of this project!

  • Tiedye: Tiedye is an emulator meant for the CSE calculators, because of laziness. Well, that's what DrDnar says, anyways. DrDnar is concentrating on making his emulator a valuable tool for z80 assembly developers, including the ability to step backwards and examine the calculator's stake thousands of cycles ago. Taking a look at the screenshot, you can see he is well on his way to making an emulator worthy of being strong competition to the awesomeness of jstified and WabbitEmu.

  • Axagon: Axagon is an Axe port of the very popular Hexagon Flash game. You control a block and you try to avoid these moving lines that move from the border of the screen to the center from a set of lines. It looks like a great time-wasting game, go check it out and give matref some love on this project!

  • FunkLibrary & Sublime Text Z80 Package: NanoWar has stepped out of the shadows to present this interesting macro system for ASM programmers to use in conjunction with SPASM. As someone that is not some awesome ASM programmer, I'm not sure I can fully describe how handy this is, but if you take a look at the topic with his examples and screenshots, I'm sure you'll get the idea on how useful this system can be.

  • TI-82 linking with Python: CVSoft has been inspired by ArTICL to create an implementation of the TI-82 linking protocol in python. It has since been expanded to handle other items. Check out the topic for more information!

At the end of November, Cemetech started its winter contest for 2014, where you lovely programmers need to combine cats and space to make a game. We've had numerous entries, and sadly, at least one that had to discontinue due to technical difficulties. Check out the announcement topic for the list of winners and all participants in Contest 13!

If you happened to be hiding under a rock (it was Christmas season, trust me, I don't blame you in the slightest), then it's possible you missed this rocking news post about community crafted calculators. The pictures depict a variety of models that are either being reinvented or modified. Give these items a look up if you are interested in hardware development!
That's a really exciting list of projects; I'm impressed how much work people have gotten done this month despite final exams and holidays. I was already sufficiently surprised that we got so many completed contest entries despite scholastic and familial obligations, and the fact that people were also working on their own projects at the same time is doubly impressive. I can't wait to see what the new year will bring to the community, be it a new set of calculator models, some great new utilities and games, or hopefully all of the above. And thanks as always for putting this together, tifreak8x.
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