Well, here's a giant project that'll probably get halfway done and then abandoned, but who knows? Maybe I'll finish it... Anywho, after playing Pokemon Topaze by Hayleia, great game, by the way!, I realized two things: First, it isn't fair that Emerald doesn't have a partner, and two, this is a chance to get better at Hybrid-Basic and make an awesome game (not to mention my artwork... but more on that later!). So, I've decided to make Pokemon Amethyst, Emerald's new black-and-white partner! This is going to take a while, especially playing the original and taking notes on algorithms, stats, and recreating the map and sprites. While I do that, we can start brainstorming ideas that will make it... AWESOME!

If anyone wants to help with sprites, that would be greatly appreciated. My main issues are 8x8 sprites, I can do the larger ones. If interested, go ahead and send me a message.

EDIT: Hmmm... found a good map online. That'll save some time... Here it is if you want to see it.
Isn't Xeda's Pokemon game called Pokemon Amethyst? Razz

Anyways good luck with the project! Pokemon games are always interesting.
A lot of Pokemon projects are called Pokemon Amethyst (same for Topaz by the way) Wink

Anyway, good luck with your project Smile
I'd just advise you to either look for the formulas you are going to use a long time before you implement them (so that you don't forget any "field" in your "structures") or to use a lot of macros if possible to be able to add "fields" at any time.
I made the mistake not to do any of those when doing Pokemon Topaz and it is now more or less stuck to where it is. I didn't made the same mistake in SSBO though.
Thanks, guys! I didn't realize that that was such a common name... grrr. I'll see if I can change it later.

EDIT: This is now going to be called... Pokemon Tanzanite!
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