On and off (mostly off) for over a year now, I've been working on an emulator. I've recently gotten around to working on it, and I've gotten it to a point where it boots the TIOS. Currently, it's only for the TI-84 Plus C SE, because I'm just lazy and don't feel like writing all that wacky bit-manipulation code for the B&W LCD. (Hard? No. But I just said lazy.) Anyway, here's a screen shot of me in the program editor. The source code is on Github.

Current features:

  • Boots OS4.0
  • Has framework to support B&W models
  • CPU instruction trace for the last for 65536 instructions (eats 2 MB of memory)
  • I/O port log
  • LCD log
  • Breakpoints
  • Memory hex editor
  • Can run at full speed on a 4 GHz processor

Bugs & issues:

  • Currently gets stuck in some code on page 6 (around 4974h) that keeps checking the link-assist status, so it runs really slow
  • No flash emulation
  • Can't load or export any apps or programs
  • LCD reading is probably broken
  • Lots of small issues due to unimplemented stuff
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