Based on some feedback from my G-CLOCK addin I decided to release BETA shell-like version of G-PLUS add-in together with an experimental version of G-SHOCK add-in retaining most features of the previous release but capable of adding time display not only to MAIN MENU status bar but also to the status bar of almost all built in apps (I excluded eAct and Memory apps on purpose, i.e. they will launch but without the time display, also navigating with up/down or right/left buttons from MAIN MENU will remove time display).

Having this new G-CLOCK on its own will work for most circumstances but Stats and Graphs sometimes have to be stripped of time display, depending on which was launched first basically, and for Stats specifically depending on whether RunMat was launched before, etc…

Combining both G-PLUS and the new G-CLOCK add-ins enclosed in this archive is designed to eliminate the above problem. Alternatively running just G-PLUS without new G-CLOCK launches RunMat with time displayed in its status bar.

If you wish to choose another built in app (besides eAct or Memory) to be launched with time in its status bar instead you will need to run SETUP in my password protection add-in Lock first by up/down selection as per please (or ask there if you need clearer instructions or to use more features like power options etc).

For more G-CLOCK details (or last non-Beta release of it) please see and I’m looking forward to your feedback as always and will post the link to archive once it is accepted.
Archive link for the new add-in's beta release is - i hope you don't mind testing the experimental features of it, otherwise you are welcome to opt for what i consider more stable but featuring lesser funtionality Looking forward to your feedback
One issue with G-PLUS is that under a specific set of circumstances it will restart the calculator on exit: provided no apps or addins were run before it (like after restart) and G-CLOCK is also installed alongside G-PLUS and G-PLUS started as first ever add-in. If ALL three conditions above are met the calculator will restart. In other words if both addins are installed do not start G-PLUS after restart as first ever addin please, start something else first after restart, not G-PLUS, otherwise it will strugle locating G-CLOCK or restart the calculator for some other reason. If you just have G-PLUS without G-CLOCK the above issue does not occur, but you will miss nice G-SHOCK style digital watch display and other features... So if you are using both add-ins simply remember not to start G-PLUS as very first addin after you restart your calculator
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