I've decided to create a space shooter titled "CatAstroPhy", for the TI-84+CSE. Here are my goals:

- Create a working shooter, complete with enemies and their formations
- Add powerups
- Have multiple levels (10 or so)
- Add secrets (levels, hidden powerups, etc)
- Have an adjustable difficulty
-Inlcude scrolling backround objects, if speed allows
-And of course, the cat(s) I need.

Here is the first screenshot Smile
*Added a super weapon (shoot with Alpha, takes up weapon energy)
*Added a HUD to the top of the game screen
*Added the main menu, a DCS 8 icon and preliminary storyline
*Changed some graphics, etc

Here's my second screenshot. No enemies yet, though.

Update 2:
*Changed the name from Cateroid to CatAstroPhy (thought the name was more clever, thanks to Chauronslilsis for helping me decide on it)
*Added enemies (one for now, and can be respawned for testing purposes)
*Implemented enemy movement, but enemy doesn't have a set pattern now
*Added a supermove that charges the more you hit stuff
*Optimized a whole bunch

This is the third screenshot. There's a hidden cat in both the last screenshot and this one. See if you can find it Wink (and no, it wasn't the cat face explosion from this screenshot)
I'm done! I'll add a screenshot when I can. I was actually done before this, but I was too busy with the flu (which I still actually have) and schoolwork.
Edit: My CSE suddenly decides it's on 1% battery and that it won't connect to my PC, so I guess I'll have to forfeit.
You can always type up the code on SourceCoder 3. Would take a while, but it would get the job done.
caleb1997 wrote:
You can always type up the code on SourceCoder 3. Would take a while, but it would get the job done.

I don't think I could before the deadline, and it would probably be worse if I could make it.
It might be. And you could always transmit it to a friend's calculator, and transfer it to a computer that way.
Both of Caleb's suggestions are good ones. Either copying from the calculator's screen into SourceCoder or transferring it to a friend's calculator would be a great way to get the code off if TI-Connect us being stubborn. Or try charging your calculator dor a few hours and see if that helps.
I don't know how but it started to work! I'm uploading now Smile
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