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Thanks for reading my post at first ! Could you give me some help? Thanks in advance !

Recently I am doing an electronic project using PIC18F25K80. I met a doubt when I programed the hardware. The datasheet of PIC18F25K80 shows “CONFIG4L bit 7 DEBUG”: enable debugger background; Bout why cann’t I find the correspond set in the software--Configuration Bits?
Are there some wrong in the datasheet?

Best regards~
You don't say what tools you're using, so it's impossible to be certain what you're missing.

Assuming you're using XC8 (the compiler I would choose), referring to the pic18_chipinfo.html file included with the compiler will indicate which magic incantation you need to use with #pragma config. Section 5.3.5 of the XC8 manual describes this.

Since you've previously had trouble because you were using an obsolete compiler, I might assume you're still using C18 and an old version of MPLAB. This might explain how you can't find an option for the bit, in that you might be using a version of MPLAB that doesn't know about the 25K80, so when you go looking for the bit in a configuration GUI it's not present.

Speculating and referring to DS51537A ("PIC18 Configuration Settings Addendum", which doesn't include the 25K80 either), #pragma config DEBUG = ON might do the job.

I still think you should upgrade to newer (not obsolete) software (which is to say, MPLAB X and XC8), because it would prevent these kinds of problems.
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