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This is not a visual update... it's more of an update on my thought process.
Formerly in the ship data, there were system modules, 2 shield modules, 3 weapon modules, and 3 miscellaneous modules (for other tech). I realized upon looking over things that this format, in spite of the ability to upgrade individual modules, was still very standardized and the point of this game is to allow sweeping variations in play style.

I have scrapped that setup and now split modules into two categories... main and tactical. Main modules are core systems and the modules are locked, meaning that these modules cannot be changed to any other type of module (a locked module can be swapped for another of the same type, but not another type). Tactical modules are compatible with any non-main module. This means you can put a shield, an armor module, a weapon, a Time Drive, or any other type of tech into any of those slots. This allows players to favor a mostly defensive ship, a mostly offensive ship, or some other form of tactical combat.

Additionally I made some decisions about the function of two of the modules. I have added a hull integrity stat to the Ship structure. This is just a health structure, not a full module. The hull integrity contains the total amount of damage the ship can take before destruction, but it also serves a very important secondary purpose. The structural integrity main module serves to reduce incoming damage to internal systems from any source, and the amount of damage it prevents depends on hull integrity. Also, installed armor modules serve to increase the amount of damage the structural integrity system can mitigate, and they absorb any damage the hull would incur.
Can this work on the CE?
I'm pretty sure it's only for the CE
Well how could I use it? I tried running the program but it just exited
TimmyTurner62 wrote:
Well how could I use it? I tried running the program but it just exited

This program is VERY early access. The most current version is available on http://clrhome.org/startrek/downloads.php
You'll want to grab the alpha (version 0.84)
Please note that this game doesn't actually have much functional, it's a very early access testing setup.

I also HIGHLY advise against running this on actual hardware (your calculator) while it's in pre-alpha or alpha state.

Also, yes this is a CE only program.
@TimmyTurner62 If you are able to send it to your calc or an emulator, then it is most definitely only for the CE.
Now all I need is the appvars...
Without them, prgmSTARTREK doesn't work.
TimmyTurner62 wrote:
Now all I need is the appvars...
Without them, prgmSTARTREK doesn't work.

The appvars are shared to the downloads page. They're listed under graphics.

Transitioning the main work on this project to server-end coding. Login/logout to start. Need to take some time to actually learn Python beyond the basics, so spending some time in tutorials and working with ppl who have some experience with it.

Investing in a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to run as a Python/[web/git server]. Once it arrives and is set up, I will deploy the simple components of the Python test server -- receiving connections, logging into the game account, logging out. I'm not quite sure how to test this functional without a working calculator => USB => server bridge software, so I'll have to look that up as well.
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