I'm new on this forum.
I'm participating to the challenge on the website "Planet-casio" and i also presented my game today with a trailer. This game is programming for fx-9750GII, fx-9860GII, fx-9860G, 9860G SD, fx-9860GII SD
This game will be publish in actually 7 days. Enjoy Smile

Xavier59 ( and not Xaveir59, stupid keyboard )
Welcome to Cemetech, Xavier! If you get a chance, we invite you to introduce yourself in the topic we have for that purpose. This looks like a fun concept, based on that quite epic trailer. What language are you writing it in? Have you released any in-game screenshots yet?
We can always use more RPGs! Smile And I'm with Kerm, have you released any screenshots for the game itself, or if you can, that is. I'm not sure what rules Planet-Casio would have for that. Pending it's a contest, etc.
I'm programming this game with a friends. It's programming in C using the Casio fx-9860G Software Development Kit.
I'm sorry but i haven't interessent screeshot for the moment. Firstly, because the "game motor" ( idk if this is english ) isn't finish, so, as you can know, it's quiete complicate ... ) Moreover, this game is like a surprise for the challenge, suspense. I will publish the game next week end.
Thanks for your interest in my project.
Xavier59 wrote:
"game motor" ( idk if this is english )
We call them "game engines" in English; same idea. Smile Thanks for those clarifications, and I look forward to more information as you finish it and release it. Good luck in the contest!
Hmm angry squares?
Do you play as a circle? Wink
APotato wrote:
Do you play as a circle? Wink

That was a good try ... Rolling Eyes
Hey !
I finally published my game, right [url=http://www.planet-casio.com/Fr/programmes/programme2686-1-Fastar-!-xavier59.html]here[/url]

The description is in English, so i will try to describe it in English in some words.
In this RPG, you incarn a hero who must to save all the letter of the website : P-l-a-n-e-t-e C-a-s-i-o
To save them, you must to fight about squares and to develop your skills.

Control :

-REPLAY for move
- ALPHA for run
- SHIFT to attack
- OPTN to launch a sort
- MENU to pause, and then, EXIT to exit ( noooo really ? )

In the village :
F2 : Buy Life.
F3 : Upgrade your attack skills.
F3 : Upgrade your defense skills.

At the start of the game, you have the choice with 2 type of sort : "Feu" and "Regeneration" wich mean Fire and Life.
I advise you to choose "Regeneration" Wink

Good luck Smile

( sorry, this program is in French and will not be traduct. but source code is give, so if you're french, i allow you to traduct it Wink )[url][/url]
Haha "Buy Life"
ok no...
French? hmmm Interesting
So you are a hero trying to gather letters for a website?
Thats a really creative idea! Very Happy
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