Hello again, Cemetechians, and slightly delayed Halloween wishes to you! This past month continued last month's trend of activity and excitement around projects, from our educational STEM-related programs to games and hardware projects. We strongly encourage you to check out items that interest you and post in the relevant topics with ideas, suggestions, or feedback for the authors. Without further ado, October's projects:

  • New Age: This is an 84+ CSE project by newcomer uiouio111, with some pretty awesome imagery in the form of background images. It's a text based RPG based in a world where you are the last human standing, and you must scavenge for food and other items to take on the three beasts of the Apocalypse.

  • Micro Python for the TI-Nspire: Written by Fabian "Vogtinator" Vogt, a French member of the programming community, this project lets you run simple Python programs on the TI-Nspire calculators. The early work demonstrates the simplicity of Python as a language to teach programming, and we hope that educators take note of possible future alternatives beyond Lua.

  • YahtCse: Zeldaking has programmed and released his Yahtzee clone for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition calculators! The screenshots look simply amazing, and will no doubt be a keeper for those that love this classic game.

  • PainTI: 123outerme has taken on programming a BASIC painting program for the TI-84+CSE that has a continuously growing list of features. Give it a look if you feel a need to scratch that artistic itch.

  • Puzzle Frenzy CSE: MateoConLechuga has been updating his Puzzle Frenzy game. This game now displays the pieces up on the screen and scrolls them to the right, and you can interact with the pieces to move them around and make them disappear. Once this game is finished, it will complete the porting of all four PuzzPack games to the color calculator.

  • Earth Impact! for the TI-84+CSE: KermMartian has taken up porting this activity from TI's STEM Behind Hollywood program to the TI-84+CSE, mirroring text, images, and interactive simulations found in the TI-Nspire edition, utilizing Doors CSE and xLIBC libraries to bring this together. The project was finished in a short amount of time, so check it out and do a run through to see if you have what it takes to save the Earth!

  • Zombie Apocalypse Part 1 for the TI-84+CSE: Another of the STEM Behind Hollywood projects found on the TI-Nspire, ported to the TI-84+CSE. This project goes over potential threats of disease and how it could spread among the population of the planet, teaching epidemiology, immunology, and the anatomy of the brain along the way.

  • Chaos: Chaos is an interesting puzzle project being written in Lua for the Nspire, ported by ldstudios. You are a square, trying to get to a doorway. That's the objective, anyways. The problem is all the hidden spikes that you can run into, and you can't see until you hit them, so remember where they are! Check out the impressive video in the topic.

  • Swing Copters: An Axe project by JWinslow where you guide a character with a helicopter hat to dodge evil swinging hammers that block gaps in the level above you. Looks like it will be a great time waster!

  • Reuben Quest 2 port: Sorunome is in the process of porting over Reuben Quest 2, a hybrid TI-BASIC game made by DJ_O a long time ago on a calculator far far way. It is currently being ported to the assembly language as an application, and is looking good thus far. Check out the screenshots and go encourage Sorunome to take this project to completion; you can also volunteer to beta-test.

  • Snap!TI: LiquidMetal is currently in the process of designing a block based language for use with the 83+/84+ calculators. There are some impressive shots of the UI on the computer side of things right now, so give it a look up and see if you might have ideas for how it could be even easier and more beginner-friendly.

  • nKaruga: Matref is back to working on this beautiful space shooter game, and has added in needed data for the first boss fight. Keep your eye on his project for updates on his amazingly graphical game!

  • Mancala: Another project by the very busy Zeldaking! If you are like me, then you might not know what Mancala is. Well, here's some Wikipedia information about mancala. He's got a nice start with graphics so far, and is working on the back now end of things.

  • Portal CSE: Mateo is bringing us a sharp rendition of Portal to our lovely TI-84+CSE gaming con-I mean graphing calculators! He's posted up a couple of cool looking screenshots of his progress, and they both look cool!

  • Dragonsglid: After a loss of data to an unspecified problem, 123outerme has restored his game and continuing on his momentum, put out a finished version! Check it out if you enjoy great BASIC RPG style games!

  • CBLM: That silly CVSoft guy went and updated CBLM to v1.5, thinking people actually use calculators for education. Oh wait, they do? Oh, sorry man. Well, if you use those lovely sensors that the 68k calcs can play with, you should definitely give this updated setup a try!

  • Z80 Code Documentation Generator: geekboy and Iambian have created a setup using Python to help coders ensure they put in documentation for their code. Check it out if you have problems remembering to document your work!

  • Scogger TI: geekboy has released a beta version of Scogger TI with 100 levels, and an endless mode, along with a few extra features. Check it out and let him know what you think!

  • MESS TI8x Emulator: TheStorm has made some progress on adding TI-8x support to the popular emulator MESS; his patch was accepted by the Mess team! Check out all the rest of his updates to this project.

  • Robot Wars 2: Dianzi Tian (previously known as DigiTan) is at it again. He's been chipping away and making his game more awesome, and the screenshots prove just how amazing the game is so far! He's also posted up how far along he is with memory usage, so for some that might intrigue you. Go and check out his newer screenshots and prepare to sit and drool in anticipation.

  • Doodle God: Zeldaking has started up yet another new project. It's a port of the iPhone app Doodle God. It appears to be a game where you start with 4 elements and you start mixing things up to create new things. More is explained in the topic, along with screenshots of some impressive graphics in progress. Check it out!

  • Dino Puzzle Nspire: ldstudios is porting Dino Puzzle, the famous TI-83+/TI-84+ game, to the TI-Nspire using the Lua language. So far he's got a screenshot up showing off progress, and with a bit of encouragement, can take this game a long way!

  • TImpire Earth: A new project by 123outerme, with gameplay resembling Empire Earth. He has posted up a screenshot showing current progress, which is picking an area to work in and adding buildings. Check out his topic for more information!

  • President Database: tifreak has resumed work on this project, updating it to utilize newer DCSE 8.1 libraries instead of the asm program Celtic, which speeds things up slightly. He has also begun work on inputting all the textual data that goes along with each president. With all the information available for each president, this will surely take quite a while to get this project anywhere near a completed state.

  • ArTICL: Kerm Martian has released this Arduino library to allow calculators to link up to Arduino boards. This project comes with numerous classes to be used, and offers up examples on how to use it all. In a video, Kerm shows off switching on and off LEDs on the board using the calculator and the F# keys. Check out this project if you want to expand what your calculator can do!
As always, we look forward to progress on these and many more projects in the month of November, and we congratulate the authors of these featured projects for their hard work. In addition, I must acknowledge tifreak8x's constant efforts to collect the months' projects and provide his succinct, witty summaries. Go forth and code!
Two things: Vogtinator isn't French, and you forgot the CSE FORTH compiler. Good review otherwise ! I must admit that I can't wait to see where Portal CSE goes.
Additionally, even more so than educators, we hope that TI Education will take note of Python's possibilities and the total sense it makes for educational use Smile
Correction: Vogtinator is German, not French. Wink
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