Hey Cemetech! I've started on another project, a port/remake of Doodle god! Its the pretty popular iPhone app; also found here:http://www.kongregate.com/games/badim/doodle-god
Basically the idea is you start with four basic elements; Earth, Fire, Air and Water, and combine them to make other elements. For example; mixing Earth and Fire you get Lava. Mixing Air and Earth together you get Dust. And so forth.
There are a ton of elements in the paid app, but I am not planning on doing all of them. Mostly the things I won't do, are several creatures, and the mystical creatures (i.e. vampires), maybe in an update I'll include them.. But for now, it will be the basics.
And the sprites are a little blurry on the picture, but I assure you, they have good shading and detail for an 8x8

I have a sprite sheet that I've been tentatively playing with and if you can't tell what they are supposed to be, I'll list them all:

The four borders on the very left is just for a box that displays the element.
Starting with the brown glob and working down (8 total) and then moving to the right a column and back down.
Earth, water, fire, air, dust, energy, lava, steam, (next column) swamp, ash, life, plasma, stone, storm, bacteria, egg, (next column) metal, sand, weed
If you think you have a better sprite for an 8x8 element, let me know and I'll include you in the credits if I use yours. I'm definitely looking for a better metal sprite.. That gray shaded circle isn't the greatest.

*Sorry if the use of "god" offends anyone, I'm using it in the lowercase sense for that reason.
Oh my god! I was thinking of something like this but I wasn't sure how I would make it. Yay! Also there is a free game with the same basics called "Little Alchemy" Looking forward to this
Wow a brilliant concept, loving all these games Smile.
Sprite update; I'm still busy working on drawing up all the elements:

New sprites (everything after the weed, again moving left to right top to bottom): Bird, Boiler, Clay, Dinosaur, Electricity, (new column) Glass, Lizard, Moss, Mushroom, Plankton, Quicksilver, Seeds, Sulfur, (new column) Turtle, Worm
More to come.. I'm just scared the color translation to my appvar using tokenIDE will botch up my colors Sad I don't know how to prevent that.
Looking nice, add a potato
TokenIDE won't botch up your colors. Xlib spites use a limited color palette, and TokenIDE does it's best to match colors. If you use colors way outside that palette, though, you'll get some funky results, since it won't be able to match to a close color. It's on you to work within the palette restrictions.
Ahh. Makes sense..
I never knew that. That's useful to know. I guess I'll start drawing with the xlibc palette to make sprite transitioning easier Razz
Here's the palette: http://dcs.cemetech.net/index.php/DCSE:BasicLibs:DrawShape#Color_Values
This is also available in TokenIDE, in both the sprite editor and the program proper (under tools).
I love drawing sprites and textures and such, especially at limited resolution and low colours ... I must say those look fantastic.
I have a question; say I had code like this:


If (A=1 And B=2) or (B=1 And A=2:Then
Disp "A1 B2
Disp "Hi
If (A=1 And B=3) or (B=1 And A=3:Then
Disp "A1 B3
Disp "Hello
If (A=2 And B=4) or (B=2 And A=4:Then
Disp "A2 B4
Disp "Howdy

Obviously useless code, but I'm trying to find out a condensed way to check if A equals a certain number and B equals a certain number.. I feel there is a optimized way to write it.. Sorta like a switch statement.
Completely different post topic, sprite update;

This time: Fixed the turtle, worm, Creature/beast (rabbit), beetle, bricks, butterfly, coffee, fern, (next column) grass, shell, snake, tree, coal, fish, human, limestone.
The sprites are coming along nicely, I'll get them on calc soon and start programming, once I get help with the above question!
Limestone?! Change that to potato, it looks like one
APotato wrote:
Limestone?! Change that to potato, it looks like one

Haha. Yes limestone. Not a potato. Maybe I'll add secret items, such as a potato. But for now. No potatoes.
More sprites:

Palm tree, Reeds (cat tails), Scorpion, Blood, Cement, Ceramics (one of my favorites so far), Corpse, Dolphin, (new column) Domestic animals (cow), Hut, Oil, Steam engine, Tools (when its not touching steam engine it looks superb), Whale, Wizard, Concrete.
I have 66 sprites so far! Still going. Haha. It's really fun squishing things into 8x8 pixels. I still have to fix my palette though. That won't be fun.
Once I get a Virtual machine up and running I'll load up TokenIDE and get these sprites onto my calculator, that will be fun.
And does anyone have an answer to my stupid code I posted?
Wizard+cloud=unicorn Unicorn+potato=Unitato
Otherwise it's beautiful, I love these sprites and these games overall Smile
Hehe. That's actually not a bad idea. Again.. Maybe a hidden feature.
Still working on sprites.. And trying to figure out a sane way then using the garbage code that I have.
Need optimizing help..


//A,B; Two chosen element numbers
If (A=1 And B=4) or (A=4 And B=1
If (A=2 And B=3) or (A=3 And B=2
If (A=4 And B=3) or (A=3 And B=4

Any way I can use lists or something similar so I don't have to test both numbers with both variables?
Yes, there are actually many ways of doing this. Here is one that I can think of:

If AB=6:"Steam
If AB=7:"Energy
Ans -> Str1

Of course, this is completely dependent on the fact that for the ones you listed, they are not equal. I will come up with another method that does this checking which is not dependent, if you need it. Smile

EDIT: Here's a better way that might work better:

If C=30:"Steam
If C=84:"Energy
Ans -> Str1

Hope this helps! Smile
I suggest you use pyxel edit(Beta),for your sprites,they will look much cleaner,just a suggestion though Smile
Alright, there is still progress on this!
I just wrote some code that selects elements and combines them.
I didn't like how I wrote it, messy really Razz
So I deleted it and am going to rewrite it.
Expect progress.
Just haven't figured out a sane way to program the double sided menu's that change depending on the layer you are in :p
Make a tree that shows what elements make what Smile
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