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Do you find this table helpful for Z80 ASM programmers
 45%  [ 5 ]
 54%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 11

I think this following table I made will be very helpful to me and Z80 ASM programmers.

As skeptical as I was from reading the title of this topic, this seems like it could be a reasonable idea. However, I think it would be even more helpful to thread little callout boxes throughout TI-83 Plus ASM in 28 Days based on this information that would, for example, equate inc a and A+1->A for the edification of TI-BASIC programmers learning ASM. I worry that if such a table exists as a resource in its own right, that TI-BASIC programmers might try to just translate their programs to ASM 1-to-1, which has been shown to be a bad idea over many years of community members trying to make TI-BASIC-to-ASM compilers.
That is not what I made this table for. I made this table thinking that it would make TI-Basic programmers that want to start learning Z80 Assembly easier. I also want people to add to this table.
It will be very helpful to me, even if it's just that image.
I recommend adding footnotes saying that all instances of A in the z80 ASM are a register, while A is a variable in TI-Basic, which might confuse some new ASM programmers. You might also want to say that CP only works on register A.
That's why I want people to add to my table.

Edit: I want people to add to or edit this table. It could be a lot of help to me and TI-Basic programmers wanting to start learning Z80 ASM programming.
This is cool! I didn't know what any of these commands meant until now. I think it should definitely be expanded, it would be extremely beneficial to programmers attempting to learn ASM.
Can everyone here please start adding to my table?
I would but I don't know ASM, I just learned some from this table Smile
Where is your table? I don't see a link to where we can edit it.
Ephraim B wrote:
Can everyone here please start adding to my table?
As I said on IRC, if this is your project, certainly it makes sense for you to be the one adding to it. Razz
chickendude wrote:
Where is your table? I don't see a link to where we can edit it.

Here's the link:

I think that's just an image. Try uploading that Word document to a file sharer like Mediafire or Google Drive.
I agree. If it was like a Google Sheet file or something, that would be quite handy.
Here's the link:

Shouldn't "Sub 5" be "Sub A,5"?
APotato wrote:
Shouldn't "Sub 5" be "Sub A,5"?

No, I just added that. Technically it depends on your compiler, but that should work with most. Smile
Ah ok, how does it know which variable to sub from?
Updated table:

The "sub" instruction only works with A. "sbc" can subtract from A or from HL.
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