The storyline: You are a little potato on a farm. You are living with your family until one day, BAM, a large hand takes them away! You, the little potato, are enraged and you decide to find out who took away your family.

Game Layout (Planned): A pokèmon-style game (active 4-way side-scrolling) with similar battle scenes, but the boss battles will be similar to Super Smash Bros. Also, you have to keep the potato healthy throughout the game.

Planned Release: In a few months.

I may change the name to: The Potato: An Unexpected Journey.
Any help would be appreciated!
are you sure the ti-84+ will be able to replicate the battles similar to Super Smash Bros?
uiouio111 wrote:
are you sure the ti-84+ will be able to replicate the battles similar to Super Smash Bros?
Considering that Hayleia is making a Cemetech-featured ASM Super Smash Bros. Open game, I'd say that it's entirely possible. Wink Gaven, do you plan to do this in pure or Hybrid BASIC? To my knowledge you don't yet know z80 assembly, which might make this slightly more challenging. Regardless, I wish you luck, and look forward to your progress and questions.
Well, the boss challenges are most definitely NOT going to be as good as Hayleia's, but they should be fine... This is going to be Hybrid, since I want this to have pretty good graphics, and like you said, Kerm, I don't know z80. (Maybe I should learn it sometime...) I hope it ends up as well as I'm envisioning it!
Whoa, sounds a lot like my life Wink I'd love to see where this goes.
Yup, good luck with it!
Are you planning to use greyscale?
I was considering using greyscale, but I think I'm going to just use plain old black and white sprites! Maybe once the game's going along, but not right now.

Edit: So I started testing out a REALLY simple boss battle program, and it works somewhat decently. It can detect hits, but no damage is done as of yet.

Edit Again: So, my calc crashed today and I lost everything... Time to start over, I guess! (I didn't like some of the sprites, anyways, so oh well...)
So, I got most of the artwork done, expect to have screenies soon! (I hope...)
Erm... In boss battles to you fight things like yams? Or is it like hillbillies or that sort? Screenshots would be much appreciated Wink
Sorry, I kind of put it off... Whoops.
Yams... I like it. I plan on the final boss being a hand...
D: ;_;
A hand .-.
Like it wants to eat you or something?
What happens at the end, are there cutscenes?
Play the game when it comes out Smile
That would be a good idea. So hows it going? Any new progress Smile
I'll keep working tomorrow, hope to finish the battle program. Maybe add graphics.
I'm super interested in seeing some screenshots. That helps everyone visualize whats going on, and progress. Hopefully we see some soon!
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