I did all it said but after dumping the TI Connect program isnt able to import anything, the button is not available
If you open the calculator explorer tab and select all of the Appvars you want to send (a good way to do this is click on the first one, than shift + click on the last one to select all of the ones in between), you should be able to right click and choose "Send to computer."
Thanks a lot, was able to do it now!
Tanjelly71 wrote:
I don't know if I'm the only one that received the 'Custom levels' or not, but I need help on custom level number 38. I just can't figure it out...

Thank you for your time.

This level is very hard, I can say.
But here is the walkthrough of this impossible level.
First, place a portal in the first room on the ground. This is Portal 1.
Then, fire through the glass and shoot a portal in room 2, Portal 2.
Next, jump in Portal 1. When you appear in Room 2, walk below over the stairs and shoot Portal 2 on the ground. Be aware that Portal 1 stays in Room 1!
Then, walk over the stairs to above and try to jump on the floating platform.
Next, jump from the platform in Portal 2.
When you appear with high speed in Room 1 via Portal 1,
replace this Portal and shoot Portal 1 right above you on the ceiling. Accurate timing is required! You will appear in Room 2 and try to jump to the floating platform. Now Portal 2 is still at the ground of Room 2 and Portal 1 is at the ceiling of Room 1.
Now jump again into Portal 2 and shoot directly when you are in Room 1 Portal 1 below you.
You will go into Portal 1 with high speed, enough to finish in Room 2.
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