I really dont have any idea what the title of this should be but here is the plan:
A program that allows you to type things in to say stuff
A bot will respond from a randomly selected quote from my sister
Please note: The bot is unintelligent just like the person it is based off of
I just thought it would be interesting and funny and it would be a great way to sum up what I have heard before she goes off to college ;_;
Here are the quotes so far:

You know what?! Iím not going to talk to you!
Grow up!!!
Oh plisss.
Thats not even funny anymore
Did you write a book?!
Guess what?
I go to a SciTech school my friend
Go Away!
No one wants you here
Are you kidding?
God you make my head hurt
Youíre not funny
You think youíre busy?!
Stupid [name]
[name] shutup
Can you not
Stop talking
Can you be a little more mature and grow up?!
Turn off your music!
How about no
Grow up!
Can you be a little less immature?!
Well you know what? Iím grown up and mature.

Alrighty then, 30 quotes! 20 more until I'll be satisfied.
Oh a random Response to questions sort of thing?

Edit: I'm working on a few other projects right now, but this "bot" would not be hard to make

1: ClrHome
2: Disp "Ask a Question
3: Input (don't know what to put here, ill call it x)
4: randInt(0,10)->A
5: If A=0: Then
6: Disp "The ans to your question",X,"is...","You know what?!", "Iím not going to talk to you!"
Hmm, instead of random saying, maybe add a piece of code that will check for certain aspects of input, like seeing if it was a question that was inputted, or other input, and if it doesn't see anything it likes, it spits out a random phrase. Just a way to make it a "bit" smarter.
Most intriguing...
I was thinking about making it respond a certain way to questions but I can't remember the purpose
Also I was thinking about how that would work and I honestly have no idea :-/
I have a few ideas; here maybe I could help:


str1=" "
Repeat str1="Q"
input "Welcome to sisterbot!", Str1
InString(Str1, " " -> Str2
//that will grab whatever is the first word in Str1 and save it to Str2
If Str2="What" or Str2="How
//signifies a question
:pick a quote that responds to a question:
If Str2="Who
:pick a quote that responds to a who:

I haven't tested if the code works, just the basic should work.
Ah clever ideas and I like the name, gives people the experience of having a sister.
Is there a way to detect the last character as well? Like to find a ?
Haha yeah for sure.


substring(Str1, length(Str1), 1->Str3
If Str3="?
disp "Question!"

That checks the very last character and stores it in Str3
This bottom one will just check for a "?", or any character you want.


If InString(Str1, "?
disp "Question!"
Zeldaking, inString( returns a value, not a string. I think you meant to have a sub( command there, so like:


sub (str1,1,inString(str1," "->str2
Ah thanks gaven, I was testing this on the bus and it wasn't working. I didnt have wifi to post about it though.
Oops. Sorry! I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that.. Why would it return a string? Haha. Doesn't even make sense.
So yeah, use what gaven says.
zeldaking wrote:
Oops. Sorry! I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that.. Why would it return a string? Haha. Doesn't even make sense.
So yeah, use what gaven says.

Too sleep deprived...
Making a Bot called Atlas, Any ideas how I can make him recognize certain text?Like verbs, adjectives, nouns, prepositions.
inString would be your best bet...
i.e. (Scans for pronouns)


Input "FIND ALL P.N.S:",Str2
Str2+" ->Str2
Repeat S>=length(Str2
If inString(Str1,sub(Str2,S,inString(Str2," ",S
Disp sub(Str2,S,inString(Str2," ",S
inString(Str2," ",S+1->S

That should work, I don't have my calc on me...
Hmm, I still get Error Domain for the sub( part :-/
APotato wrote:
Hmm, I still get Error Domain for the sub( part :-/
You can debug that yourself. The start argument for sub(string,start,length) or sub(string,start) must be at least 1 and at most the length of the string. The length argument must be at least 1 and at most length(string)-start.
When I use sub (str1,1,inString(str1," "->str2
It returns an error
I am not sure what inString( does :-/
ok nvm I googled it Razz
I think I got this but I have to wait for tomorrow to try
Ok, figured out the problem, if I have no spaces in my input, then it returns an error. I fixed this with an if to check if the instring is greater than 0
There ya go!
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