heey, i'm new to the hybrid functions of the TI-84 PLUS C Silver Edition like real(6, etc. But seriously, i don't understand the "DrawString" function. Example: i wanted to show the "!" on (40,30) on the screen. How could i do that?
What have you tried thus far, PT_? What happened when you tried? I ask only so that we can help lead you towards discovering the answer yourself rather than just giving you the answer, which would be a less valuable learning experience.
oke thank you
i have made something like this:


but then it only displays "33" and not a "!" or something else
Well, that real( function displays whatever is in a string. So since you only have "33" it is only going to display 33. If you want it to display more, you have to lengthen your string.
yeah, but what?
The '!' character is available in the TIOS by pressing MATH and then looking under the PROB menu.

The DrawString function will display any string that is in ANS. If you do something like "33, then you are storing the string "33" in ANS and thus that's what gets displayed.

Here is some example code for you to try:



real(0,1,1,0 = set LCD mode to half res, this is required by xLIBC graphics commands

real(0,3,4,255,0 = fill BOTH sides of the LCD with white (effectively clear screen)

real(6,0,8,8,192,0,1 = write the string "TEST!!" at x,y location 8,8 in RED (also update LCD so that it is visible)

real(0,1,0,1 = pause program and restore LCD mode upon exit.
oke thank you very much!
pls can you give me a very simple example where you draw a simple sprite like


where 0 is nothing and 1 = a black square
Sprites are usually drawn on a PC and transferred across in APPVARS. There is some information about it on the wiki: http://dcs.cemetech.net/index.php/DCSE:BasicLibs:DrawSprite

To actually draw the sprites i strongly recommend a project by Merthsoft called TokenIDE, which can be found here: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10098&start=0

I also created an example program that also demonstrates key input and movement in this thread (with example download as well): http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=226698#226698
hmm i wanted to create a sprite but that wasn't good :%.
i have did it once, with a black box, but seriously, i didn't know how i did that Surprised . I've already downloaded your example - very interesting - but not the appvars
can you give me a video or something else?
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