Ok, so I'm making a simple program that draws graphs of cool functions. I easily succeeded in using the DrawF command for the Y= graphs, but I recently found some cool graphs for parametric functions (aka the X1T=, Y1T=), and I attempted to use the DrawF command draw them. Obviously, and what I didn't realize before, is that DrawF uses Y= only (maybe?) and therefore didn't work. Currently, I'm just putting the expression as a string into the equations. However, I would like for the user to be able to choose the color. I did a little research, but couldn't find anything relevant. Is there something that I'm missing that I can use to easily change the equation's color, or a command that resembles the DrawF command but can be used for parametric equations?
You could probably change the color of the parametric graph. Otherwise, I would suggest using Line( to draw the parametric equation from a For( loop:

Input "X=",Str1
Input "Y=",Str2
Input "Ti=",A
Input "Tf=",B
Input "dT=",S

This is a rather crude solution, but it may be what you are looking for. Smile You can also use expr(Str1) instead of converting the strings to equations.
Thanks for your response!
I think for simplicity's sake, I'm just gonna stick with what I have, and the user could just choose the color and line settings by themselves.
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