As summer goes on, I have more things to do. I wake up every morning at 7 for camp (right now it's band later it will be tech) When I arrive home I have to eat lunch then do SAT prep books for 2 hours. Every weekend I take practice tests. I often find my day packed with activities. I was worried that I would have no time to code. Then I realized that other coders must face the same problem because they work an have no summer break. I was wondering how you guys find time to code. Thanks! [/quote]
An hour here, an hour there. Learning to live with a little less sleep. Keeping the programming items with you where ever you go, so if you get a break from doing whatever it is you are doing there, you can code.

Pretty much what I do.
I don't code as much anymore as I use to but it's the same thing as with any continuing project. Budget your time! Give yourself a week or so and keep track of the times you start and finish each day. Keep track of the stuff you can't control such as camp and work. Mark the time when you leave for camp and the time you get home. Keep track of other things that are consistent through out the weeks and months, going out to a movie or bowling with friends isn't something to track.

After a while you'll see where your time is and you'll have something to look forward to. Whether you spend the time on coding projects, other projects or with friends is up to you.
Ok, thanks to both of you for your great suggestions! I will try to code as much as possible and thanks again for helping Smile
Give yourself a week or so and keep track of the times you start and finish each day.

I feel like I should clarify this line even though I touched on it just afterwards. I personally kept track of things I couldn't put off each day and after a while I got a sense of when I could do what. After you get your schedule down each day you might notice it takes 30 minutes to prepare and consume your meal and 35 to wash a load of laundry and since the laundry doesn't need to be tended as it runs, do it during your meal. It's hard to make those kinds of efficiencies at your age (parents cook your meals and maybe do the dishes too?) but getting into this habit will help later on.

    For Me on Mondays:
    Okay, I got home from work I should round up my laundry and pop it in the wash as I start boiling water for my dinner. I'll put on an episode of Star Trek from Netflix so I can watch something whilst I cook. By the time the episode is done my washer will be too so I can move it to the dryer, do the dishes and shower and have 5 minutes before my dryer stops. After putting away my laundry I'll have about two/three hours before I need to head to bed.

Laundry day is Monday through Wednesday and Thursday is my makeup day because maybe I went out after work one of those days so I'll do laundry Thursday. Friday through Sunday are fun days and the processes starts over on Monday.

So having 2-3 hours four days a week (and maybe up to all seven) for various projects such as one day for my website maintenance, another for yard work, etc etc. Some things in the yard require daily upkeep but leaving out the door a few minutes early for work or taking a few minutes when I get home to water a plant or quickly sweep some leaves is no time wasted or worth counting.

Once you get a hold of budgeting your time you can apply those same principles to your money later in life Wink
No I don't know him and yes I tried that program, but it is different. This is the unit circle it self and you can go round the circle. The link you gave me are just values. So it is different.
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