Since there seems to be renewed interest in Cn and gCn following Kerm's awesome work with the Spark Core, Kerm and myself felt it would be nice to coordinate some sort of effort to provide some tools and documentation for developers.

Here's what we have so far:
* DCS7.2 has CALCnet communication tools found in DCSB Libs -
* Kerm's Python example bridge code -
* A GitHub repo full of gCn related stuff, ranging from bridge code (to run on Arduino, Spark Core, etc.) and an assortment of hubs -
* gcntools - Some tools for tokenization/detokenization for the use in gCn hubs, written by me -

Here's what we need:
* Documentation (especially for the Cn TI-BASIC routines)

If there's anything else you think is needed, or if you fancy helping, please post.
I've been working at getting communication between bridges on gCn to be encrypted using ssl. So far I have it working for gcnweb and gcnhub.

Here's the pull request I made:
Nice one. That seems like a very worthwhile change!
Ok, finished making the other bridges work with ssl. I also fixed a potential problem between two SSL nodes. Here's the pull request:
I think the on GitHub ought to say what's in each file. I'll address that in a bit.
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