Hi All,

Its sad to announce that due to a HDD crash and backup failures that the code for this dormant project (like really dormant) has been lost forever. It really sucks as I did want to finish it one day, or at least make some more levels etc Sad. It featured 4lvl grayscale, smooth scrolling, animated tiles and enemies and a small shell puzzle for starters (there was even a version with sound, but not this one).

Anyways a small miracle in the fact that I found a calc with a test build of a level on it - So im uploading it if anyone wants to try:


Move - Arrows
Jump - 2nd

Some screenies:

Note that the collision detection is off and the grayscale is set to a test mode so its bad. Oh yeah, I think the file is at least 7 years old!
Aw man, I remember playing this, way back in the day when you had first gotten it this far. Due to my lack of knowledge, is there no way to get your source back from the test build? And yes, I know that if you were to get it back, it wouldn't be commented, just wondering if you could revert this back to source like I know you can with a normal asm program. Don't know if you have any want or otherwise to bring this back to life, as either a monochrome game, or port to the CSE.
Lol yeah it's been sitting on my calc for a lot of years. Still I wish i had of finished it since it was a bit of a different take on other mario games, being 2.5D and open world-ish.

Yeah there are ways to get the code but a dis-assembly would be very cluttered ... plus there are bugs and such that need fixing and i doubt that I have the time. Plus there are all the sprite sheets and level editor and stuff.

Now I have thought about a CSE port of course ... but that might be a while off Smile.
Did you at least back up the binary from your calculator? I'm very sad that you lost the source for this, but it would be nice to make sure you have lots of backups of the binary in case you decide to do some reverse-engineering. I definitely support a CSE port, but I think perhaps you and tifreak should work together on a CSE Mario first.
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