Hi there, I'm introducing here one new Prizm game project !

This game is actually a duo entry (I'm working with TheProg, you may not know him, that's normal ^^) for the Plan├Ęte-Casio 10th birthday contest, so in a first time all dialogs and in game texts will be in French, but a traduction will follow asap (but as we are quite late, and the final date to release our programs for the contest is actually in less than 2 weeks, , that's not our main priority at this time).

That will be a game using a "zelda like" or "pokemon like" view, with a tilemapping engine. But, despite of this, the main gameplay will be based on the history (not combats, but quests, mini games perheaps, and some exploration) (but I won't talk of this too much, to keep some suspense !).

The actual prototype is running fine on calc at 23-25 fps, without overclocking, which is a good result regarding other games I think, even if the game is still by far not complete, we've got margin to work ! We're trying to use as cleverly as possible the amount of RAM avalaible, and I think we're in a good way actually.

I post there some screenshots of the prototypes, they are just composed of a few random things for testing and debugging purposes, so don't care too much about the apparent mess of ground and objects... Smile
May I put them in some spoiler or something like that ? I don't know what are the habbits here...

We're still in the engine developpement, so there's nothing more interesting to show I think, I'll probably post some kind of technical demo when the actual thing reaches a better stability. But we're actively working on it so news about the project will come quickly.

And of course, source code will be released under some free licence, you'd just have to take care about some images with specific licences, but they all permit the use of themselves in non commercial purpose, with attribution sometimes.

Sorry for my potential bad english, if some sentences are incomprehensible, feel free to say it, I'll try to explain with other words Smile.
Looks very good especially noting the fast framerate. I am always happy to hear about more prizm development. The only thing I am wondering is what does this have to do with airmail https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airmail ? If I had to suggest something I would create a blended version of the sidewalk with the grass as the transition is too sharp but it is not a big issue at all.
Thank you !

About the "Airmail", the actual screenshots I posted aren't related to anything about this topic (as I said, they are here during engines dev-stage).
I don't know if the history of the pioneer of the Airmail (for example, the first person who cross the Mediterranean sea, the first who cross the Andes or thing like that) are very documented or in the "common english-speaking culture", but in France, this is a topic treated by a lot of books, movies or even attraction in amusement park, wich can be quite epic !
But our game will retrace that period, from the cross of the Pyrenees to ... something to determinate, with a background story about someone who search something (suspense here), with quest such as : you've been recruit by this company as a mecanician, you need to find a way to fix that plane before his flight, or things like that. I don't know if that's exactly what you wanted to hear... ^^

Speaking of the tiles, we've got tiles that enable that kind of result : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/43/1414353329-sprite-liaison.png
I think the transition are better like that ! Smile
I would not say that airmail is as celebrated in "common English-speaking culture" as it is in French culture I presume this has to do with the fact that some people who were involved with early airmail were French. Regardless of one's familiarity of the topic I still would enjoy playing a game based that kind of story line. Also the new tile does look good.
Airmail! That word brings back many memories... Memories of 4th grade, my teacher. He was special. And cows. Not sure where that came from .-.
But looking forward to seeing this project develop! Very Happy
Okay, so, I'll bump that a little bit ! We decided not to hurry up to finish the project for the end of the contest, wich was one week ago. So the project is still progressing, a bit slower, but that's a nicer rythm for us, because we have no pressure when working on it ! Smile

So, I post a few screenshots of the actual thing :

As you can see, the PNJ dialogs have started to be implemented, there's one status bar at the bottom of the screen (wich isn't really useful actually, you can only consult your actual quest by pressing F2), and things in the main engine started to reach some stability ! Smile

Here are parts of the second "gameplay" of the game, wich is actually an adaptation or remastering of the CubeField game by PierrotLL. We worked (and still work) on it to make him being part of the theme, with some airplane behavior (you can set your motor speed, there can be wind which doesn't help you avoid obstacles). The project is still in early development phase, and so, still a Work In Progress ! Smile
Whoa! That plane thing is coolio. I like the cartoon like look of the trees in the first screenie. Also keep the hair, the fuzzy heads are like little coconuts! ^-^
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