I have an 80's nostalgia and I'm quite fond of the Apple II. I would like to collaborate with some the the programers here to recreate the Apple II for the Ti-84+CSE. I have wanted to port some games to the Ti-84+CSE that were from an Apple II but I found its quite hard. I think making an OS or a Emulator would be the easiest to bring some of our favorite games to the Ti-84+CSE.

Apple II specs:

6502 or 65C02 running at 1.023 MHz
8-bit data bus
64 KB RAM built-in
16 KB ROM built-in
Expandable from 64 KB up to 1 MB RAM or more
40 and 80 columns text, white-on-black, with 24 lines¹
Low-Resolution: 40×48 (15 colors)
High-Resolution: 280×192 (6 colors)²
Double-Low-Resolution: 80×48 (15 colors)
Double-High-Resolution: 560×192 (15 colors)²

TI-84+CSE specs:
Zilog Z80 15 MHz, with 6 MHz compatibility mode

128K of internal RAM, 21K user-accessible(But we'll access it)
4MB Flash ROM chip, 3.5MB user-accessible
320x240-pixel (140 DPI, 16-bit color, ILI9335 controller)
Graphscreen: 265x165 pixels for graphing
Images: 133x83-pixel photos

Conclusion: With a total reconfig a Ti-84+CSE has the potential to run Apple II DOS version 3.1 and APPLESOFT BASIC programs. Yes it will be hard, yes it will take time but not everything is easy.
So will anybody go on this journey with me, a fun and adventurous journey it will be....

For some reason I can't combine the two posts into one, the text/content keep disappearing when I preview. Just a heads up that posting within 24 hours after yourself in a topic is not advised, instead you encourage you to edit your latest post in the topic. If someone posts after you, you are free to create a new post within the 24 hours or even 10 minutes.

Secondly, you can use [code][/code] tags to keep the spaces/indentation. Wink
I need to drag a sprite sheet to ti-connect so what type of file must it be and how does one go about putting a pic into ti-connect
uiouio111 wrote:
I need to drag a sprite sheet to ti-connect so what type of file must it be and how does one go about putting a pic into ti-connect

Alright.. The answer to this varies depending on the language you choose to make this in.
Either xlib cse:
Install tokenIDE, go to tools, sprite sheet, select xlibC colors, and add your sprite page, which needs to be 128x64 pixels. Tokens will re-color to colors that will work on the cse. Select save and it will prompt for a name, enter a name, and prompt for a file type, choose xlibC tiles.
This will make an appvar of the chosen name that will be accessible for use, using real(5,0,0 with the appvar name in ans

I'm assuming you'll need some form of data, I would probably go with an appvar as well, or hard code the hex data into your program. Up to you.

You said something about a picture..
I'm not really sure how to make external pictures and save them as the same picture format as on calc.. I'm sure there is a way, but that'll have to come from someone else.
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