We need to compile the things needing to be done for the next newsletter... I have totally spaced this...
Yeah, same here. IIRC we have a fair number of articles, too.
I am going away for the weekend and I have to write a 20-page paper as well, so I can't contribute, but you can use my Curvy Text program and show off its leetness.
Sure, can you write a quick paragraph on it?
that would be cool.

Do you think there could could a short blib on my RPG?
Sure, write it up!
I will see what I can do

now I need some basic Ideas
"Curvy text takes advantage of the 8x's series' ability to do a limited amount of calculus using the nDeriv( function. By plotting the points of a vertical line along the opposite reciprocal of the function's derivative at a given point, text is distorted such that it appears to conform to the function in question. This strategy can be applied in a number of ways, such as drawing curved interfaces and distorting shapes for a cool effect in games or graphics programs. -- Jon Pezzino"
For the articles?
1. What inspired you to make it
2. What progress you have made
3. Any obstacles you encountered
4. What you learned making it
5. Where you're going from here
k, I will write something up.
Excellent. I'll start putting this together then.
Well, I will see about reviewing a game or two, and I guess I still need to write up the whole "What I am doing as projects" thing... Should I include site projects, or just calc projects?
Rivereye, the RPG started out as a need for a new programming project and the the thought on interesting I could make something like this. I declared the possibility of the project in mid December on Omnimaga, for I figured that would be the best place to start. People lent me ideas and support and I started coding. Not long after, I had the first walking engine. The rendering was really slow, but character moved really fast. I continued working on that until everything was as fast as I could make it. Then I started on the battle engine. When I finished the first beta, my calculator had crashed and for a while, the project had died. Then time started to free up for me and I rebuilt the battle engine, many times faster. Currently right now, the working of integrating spells is being worked on, soon followed by shops, talking, and other triggers. Then I will move into actually interesting the story line.
As with anything, one should learn as he moves, and I have learned much. I have worked on many optimizations and rewriting of code to get the perfect balance of speed and size. Also, more advanced programming has been enlightened unto me, which will be a benefit in the future.
For those interested in tracking the progress of this project, you can visit either the Rivereye Studios at http://www.rivereye.net/projects.php and http://www.rivereye.net/forums or the Omnimaga forum at http://omnimaga.dyndns.org/index.php?showforum=138. The latest version can be found at http://www.rivereye.net/battle.zip. Any help anyone can give will be very much appreciated.
TI-Freak8x wrote:
Well, I will see about reviewing a game or two, and I guess I still need to write up the whole "What I am doing as projects" thing... Should I include site projects, or just calc projects?

You can probably include both.
Riv: nice job, and nice avatar.
Alex10819 Productions, that feared machine of mid-range TI-BASIC code, is upgrading their site to include new things. Among the improvements: New Archives, Project Status's, News Script, a NEW, fixed skin script, etc. The New site can be expected within a matter of days, hopefully sooner than later Smile
So much for 3/3. Smile
still not too late. Make one now!!!
I actually started it, but we don't have all the content together yet. For what it's worth:
looks good so far
lol, ty.
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