I recently found my old maze generator program, i had one version in BASIC and one in Asm, 3 guesses for which was fastest Very Happy
Small thing with the Asm version: It might rarely crash due to lack of memory, but that's unavoidable, USE YA DEM BACKUPS!



link to program:
I do like how much faster the assembly version is. Smile Nice work! That is definitely a more interesting way to generate a random map in BASIC. I like it!
I don't know exactly how the Basic version is done, but maybe between two turns, instead of making the dot going straightorward at one pixel per frame during F frames (where I don't know how you calculate that F, probably with a rand or a randInt), you could make it go at F pixels per frame and use Line instead of Pxl-Off.
Of course, that would make collision detection not as simple as looking where you are only, you'd still probably have a loop that checks one pixel after one pixel, but at least the drawing would be faster.

(I don't know if that's understandable).
((sorry for the necropost))

Can you fix the download please? Currently, clicking on the download causes Cemetech to say "Invalid Format!".
Link works for me...
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